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Convicted Felon Faces Meth & Weapon Charges

By Jessie Williams

A convicted felon faces a slew of charges involving drugs, domestic violence and unlawful possession of a weapon, after authorities responded to a domestic altercation between a man and woman on Gas Hollow Road Sunday, January 14.

According to reports filed by responding officers Jacob McClard, Joseph Woodard and Kyle Petty, of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, they made contact with the male subject, identified as 27-year-old Kevin Perdue, then entered the residence and walked back to his bedroom.
“While walking back to his bedroom, I did notice a pipe with white residue inside, laying on a pile of clothes,” Deputy McClard’s report states.
When asked if there were any firearms in the home, Mr. Perdue replied, “Yes.”
A .380 pistol, 9 mm pistol and a shotgun were discovered inside the residence by authorities, who then asked Mr. Perdue if there were any other illegal items in the home.
“Yeah,” he said and walked to the bed and picked up a small bag containing a white crystallized substance.
“When trying to get the bag from Kevin, he did rip the bag open and the substance inside fell to the carpet,” Deputy McClard’s report goes on to say. “At that time I did detain Kevin.”
Authorities also found a small, purple container with seeds inside to which Mr. Perdue stated, “Yeah, those are my marijuana seeds.”
Rolling papers were also found.
An accompanying report by Sergeant Joseph Woodard states that Mr. Perdue put his girlfriend in fear of him.
“Perdue and his girlfriend got into an altercation, and Perdue started tearing wallpaper off the walls, saying there were drones everywhere, and pushed her down when she tried to leave the residence” says the report. “Perdue did state that he used methamphetamine today.”
A criminal history report verified that Perdue was a convicted felon, and he was placed under arrest for domestic violence, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession, possession of a schedule VI drug and tampering of evidence.
Perdue was also charged with theft of property under $500 after it was discovered he stole two tractor batteries from a residence on East Stinson Road on January 2, 2018, then sold them to Likens Salvage. Perdue was required to give his thumb print and drivers license number at the time of the sale.
The owner of the batteries identified them as his property.
Perdue’s bond was set at $14,700, and he is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on February 14, 2018.