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Student Makes Threats Against RBS School

By Debbie Gregory
As heavy media coverage continues, following the shooting in a south Florida high school that left 17 dead, threats have been received at other schools across the United States, including Red Boiling Springs High in eastern Macon County.

According to the Macon County Sheriffs Office and the RBS Police Department on Thursday night, February 15, they received information from faculty and students at Red Boiling Springs High School that a juvenile student was making threats against the school.
“RBS Officer J.J. Ruiz received a complaint from a student,” said RBS Police Chief Kevin Woodard, and he contacted me. “At that point, I called SRO Ira Meador to make him aware of the situation and he stated that he had heard it and the Sheriffs Office was already working on it.”
Sheriff Gammons stated that once they located the individual and questioned him, he contacted Director of Schools Tony Boles and advised him that the student wouldn’t be in school the next day and he was in the process of being charged.
“At that time we advised the bus driver not to stop at that student’s home on Friday morning,” said Sheriff Gammons. “Myself, RBS Police Chief Kevin Woodard and RBS Officer Mark Bartley were at the school on Friday to ensure extra safety for the students.”
Sheriff Gammons said he would like to give credit to the students and faculty at Red Boiling Springs High School for acting in a quick manner, and providing the authorities with information, so this individual wasn’t allowed to return to school after making these threats.
Sheriff Gammons would like to remind all the students, “if you hear something or notice suspicious behavior at your school, please report it to somebody, whether your teacher, your parents or the principal.”