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RBS Student Expelled After Making Threats

By Debbie Gregory
The Red Boiling Springs High School student who made threats against the school, has been expelled.

According to Macon County Director of Schools Tony Boles, the student who recently appeared in Juvenile Court after making threats against the Red Boiling Springs School, is now under house arrest and has been expelled for a full calendar year starting last Thursday. “He may possibly have another court appearance coming up,” said Director Boles.
Reported in last week’s edition of the Macon County Chronicle, the Macon County Sheriffs Office and the Red Boiling Springs Police Department received information on Thursday, February 15, from faculty and students at RBS High School that a juvenile student was making threats against the school.
RBS Police Chief Kevin Woodard said when his department received a complaint, he contacted SRO Ira Meador to make him aware of the situation. He told Chief Woodard that he had hear it and the Sheriff’s Office was already working on it.
Sheriff Gammons stated that after they located the individual and questioned him, he contacted Director of Schools Tony Boles, and advised him the student wouldn’t be in school the next day and he was in the process of being charged.
Sheriff Gammons, RBS Chief Kevin Woodard, and RBS Office Mark Bartley were at the school the next day to ensure extra safety for the students.