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Man Shot With Nail Gun

By Debbie Gregory
An altercation between two men working at Fleetwood Homes, in Lafayette, resulted in one man being shot with a nail gun.

In a report filed by the Lafayette Police Department, on February 26, Officer Matt Looper was dispatched to Macon County General Hospital to speak to victim Bryan Rich, about an incident that had happened at Fleetwood Homes, located on the by pass in Lafayette.
According to the Police Department, employees Bryan Rich and 35-year-old Michael Cody Baker had gotten into an argument at the factory and it escalated to the point where they were going outside to fight. As Rich was walking, Baker said something to him and when Rich turned around, Baker shot him point blank with a nail gun striking him several times.
One nail had to be surgically removed from the victim’s shoulder.
Michael Cody Baker, of Jackson Avenue, in Carthage, Tennessee, was arrested on February 27, and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $7,500.