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Telephone Scammers Target Macon County

By Jessie Williams

Approximately one dozen Macon County residents were targeted by a telephone scam on Thursday, March 22.


According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, his department received numerous reports of someone calling individuals at their workplace claiming to be part of a local law enforcement agency. 

“One of the methods the scammer was using was to tell the victim they had an active arrest warrant and they needed to turn themselves in to a local agency,” the sheriff said. “They then attempted to get the victim’s address, date of birth and other personal information.”

Deputies did follow up on some of the complaints where victims gave out their addresses and secured the homes. 

The sheriff also stated that the scammer(s) are using an app when they call, to make their phone number appear to be from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. 

“The app appears to have originated in Canada,” he remarked. “We believe the phone calls were made from another country.”

Sheriff Gammons urges anyone who receives an odd phone call like this to contact his office for verification that is was made from a local law enforcement agency.