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An Interview With Henny Penny: A New Home For Our Feathered Friend

(Over two weeks have passed since our feathered friend, Henny Penny, came to Lafayette. Before she went to her new home over the weekend, the Macon County Chronicle conducted the following interview with the popular chicken.)


Q: What was your life like before you came to the Lafayette square?

A: Well, there really isn’t much to tell because I was tied down. I don’t know if you have noticed or not but I still have part of the string around my leg. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed being free and being able to live among the good people of Lafayette. I can’t recall ever being this happy.

Q: You have heard, I presume, that there is a handful of people that don’t want you around?

A: Yes, I heard about that last week. I must admit that was very hurtful because I didn’t think I was harming anyone. I was enjoying my freedom so much, I didn’t understand how anybody could hold that against me.

Q: What is your general reaction to most people in Lafayette?

A: (Henny Penny was wordless, deep in thought). Most of the folks in Lafayette have been kindly toward me, as I have watched them come and go around the square. They have conveyed a general concern for my well being and I will remember them with much love.

Q: What do you think about the people who have grown to admire you and follow you on Facebook?

A: I’m thankful that I brought something special to their lives and to my followers, God bless you all for standing up for one little chicken, just wanting to be treated right. (8,167 people were reached through the Macon County Chronicle Facebook post about Henny Penny)

Q: One last question – What would you like to say to the people at the Macon County Chronicle and all your other friends?

A: For one who doesn’t know much about the world, I think the Macon County Chronicle saved me. I was grateful when the Chronicle and others on the square started feeding me and I was humbled when they stood up for me. Real friends do what they can for you and I couldn’t ask for any better friends than the folks at the Macon County Chronicle. And I also owe a special thank you to City Mayor Richard Driver who pardoned me, and allowed my friends at the newspaper to find me a home. I will remember my time in Lafayette for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything.

(Here at the Macon County Chronicle, we can’t remember when we’ve enjoyed anything as much as Henny Penny, and we are thankful that we were able to find her a good home. We will never forget our little feathered friend, who brought so much happiness to so many people. For some time now, too many of us seem to have forgotten how far a little kindness and compassion goes, and we have sidelined what’s really important in this world. We will always remember Henny Penny and our stand to protect her. Thanks to everybody who loved our little friend as much as we did. We will miss seeing Henny Penny.) 

According to Henny Penny’s new family, she left the square in high style sitting in the lap of one of the family members. Henny Penny now resides in the Union Camp Community and she is with the rest of the girls. She has made fast friends!! Oh, and the string has been taken off her leg!!