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Citizens Bank Announces Main Office Expansion & Renovation

Lafayette, TN – June 13, 2018 – Citizens Bank announced today that it has broken ground on an expansion and renovation of their main office facility at 400 Highway 52 in Lafayette.  The renovation of 18,000 square feet of existing space, plus a two-story expansion of almost 5,000 square feet, will provide workspace for 45 additional employees.


“Our growth and the resulting demand for additional space at this facility are a testament to the loyalty of our customers, the efforts of our hardworking employees, and the support of our directors and shareholders,” stated Peter Williston, Chairman/CEO of Citizens Bank.  “The expansion of this facility speaks to future opportunities in our community, as well as opportunities at our bank.  We are proud to be making this continued investment in our shared future,” continued Mr. Williston.

“Improving access to our services and increasing privacy for our customers were two major project objectives, in addition to adding employee workspace and additional parking,” stated Mr. Williston. Thus, the customer service and human resources departments on the second floor will be reconfigured to increase privacy levels and improve accessibility from the entrance elevator. Additionally, the first-floor lobby will be updated with a new teller line, colors, and finishes.  The expansion also will include a new elevator and entrance into the rear of the building for commercial deliveries.  Bank management expects to complete the multi-phase project in eighteen months.

Since the main office facility opened in 1998, Citizens Bank has quadrupled in size, making it the largest financial institution headquartered in Macon County.   Founded in 1909, the Bank presently has $915 million in assets and nineteen locations in ten counties in Middle Tennessee.  The increase in size has been accomplished with equal amounts of growth from acquisition of other banks and “organic” growth in the existing branches.  “With every merger and acquisition, we have been able to successfully integrate our culture of serving thousands of customers, one at a time,” stated Joe Carter, President of Citizens Bank.

Eclipse Brand Builders was selected to provide turnkey design-build services for the project, including architecture, engineering, interior design and full-time on-site construction management. Eclipse will execute the construction of the project using local sub-contractors and local suppliers for all labor and building materials through a competitive bid process, keeping construction dollars in the community.