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Lafayette Man Charged in Hartsville

By Debbie Gregory

Twenty-four-year-old Tyler B. Manning, of Lafayette, faces a charge of unlawful possession of a weapon (handgun), after he was reported walking on Browning Branch Road in Hartsville at approximately 5:44 a.m. on June 15.


According to the complaint filed by the Trousdale County Sheriffs Office, early Friday morning, June 15, Deputy James E. Pattie, Jr., was dispatched to the area of 3165 Browning Branch Road where a white male, who was possibly intoxicated, was reported to be walking.

Upon arrival, the deputy observed a white male walking up the driveway towards the residence of 3165 Browning Branch Road. Deputy Pattie made contact with the individual and he was identified as Tyler Manning.

The report states the property owner, Mr. Anthony Whittaker, came out onto his front porch in fear, due to not knowing Mr. Manning and his reason for coming onto his property. Mr. Whittaker stated that he did not want to prosecute the male individual for criminal trespass, but issued him a warning and requested Mr. Manning be removed from his property. 

Deputy Pattie did a pat down search of Mr. Manning, and when the suspect turned around, the deputy saw the handle of a pistol in his right, rear pants pocket. The handgun in Mr. Manning’s possession was a Smith & Wesson .38 cal. “Special”, and it was loaded with 5 active rounds.

Deputy Pattie stated that Mr. Manning did not have a valid concealed weapons permit, and he arrested him for the criminal offense of unlawful possession of a weapon (handgun).

Bond for Mr. Manning was set at $10,000 and a Trousdale County General Sessions Court date is set for July 13.

Tyler Manning also faces charges in Lafayette, after he was arrested by the Macon County Sheriffs Office on May 27, for three counts of criminal simulation. Mr. Manning paid for items at Sudden Service Market at 11181 Hwy. 52 West using counterfeit money.

According to the arrest report filed by Detective Shane Gregory, on May 21, 2018, Mr. Manning entered Sudden Service Market and paid for gas and cigarettes with two counterfeit $20 bills and then walked out. Shortly after, he came back in the market and gave the clerk a counterfeit $100 bill and asked for change. He then left the store with a white female.

The reports states that Mr. Manning did intend to defraud the store by passing the counterfeit money off as real money. He was charged by Detective Gregory with theft: (3) counts of criminal simulation.