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Beam Signing at Macon Community Hospital

As you can see, the new ED (Emergency Department) is beginning to take shape. Several members of the community have commented on how glad they are to see the building going up and administration is proud to see the accomplishments our team is achieving. As part of this, walls and framing will be erected in the next few days.


We had several individuals ask to etch their initials in the concrete and they were denied for inspection reasons. However, this past Friday, we hosted a beam signing get together in the new ED. This was an opportunity to go out on the pad and visualize the layout of the new ED and employees signed their name in permanent marker on one of the main support beams for all posterity! Remember, they are still unearthing things about the great pyramids, so this was a chance for employees to permanently place their names in the history of Macon Community Hospital.

Stacey Brawner,

Macon Community Hospital

(Photos by D. Gregory)