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Disturbing Video Leads to Resignation of Macon County Animal Control Officer

By Debbie Gregory

A disturbing video that was posted on Facebook, concerning neglected dogs at the Macon County Dog Pound, led to the resignation of County Animal Control Officer Corey Lawrence.


Macon County Mayor Steve Jones told the Macon County Chronicle that he was out of town the day he was made aware of the video and the allegations concerning County Animal Control Officer Corey Lawrence and the Macon County Dog Pound.

“After a discussion with the County Attorney, it was determined that Corey Lawrence’s actions were not acceptable for an Animal Control Officer,” said Mayor Jones. “I decided that it was in the best interest of our county to ask for Mr. Lawrence’s resignation.”

The video in question was filmed after Paula Dickerson, with the Clay County Dog Rescue, came to Macon County to rescue several dogs at a local veterinarian’s office that had been brought in by County Animal Control Officer Corey Lawrence to be euthanized. When she went to the Macon County Dog Pound to check on the other animals she found the remaining dogs were all locked in their pens with no food or water and were standing in their own excrement.

The video was brought to the attention of Assistant District Attorney Javin Cripps, who then contacted County Mayor Steve Jones.

Mayor Jones returned the following day and took the appropriate action.

“I video taped the conditions of the dog pound, and as a rescuer it was totally unacceptable, said Paula Dickerson. “I want to make sure that everyone knows these dogs are safe and doing wonderful. I am glad there is going to be changes in Macon County.  Even though dogs may be in a pound, there is no reason that we can’t find these animals a good home.”

“I have several people in Lafayette who have helped me save a lot of dogs, and I want to thank all of them for their continued support and concern. I am still committed to helping Macon County.”

Mayor Jones added, “We are wanting to move forward and to make Macon County’s Dog Pound as humane as possible.”