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Macon County School Board Recognizes Jimmy Cook

By Debbie Gregory

At the regular meeting of the Macon County School Board on Thursday night, August 9, Mr. Jimmy Cook was recognized for serving 12 years on the board. Mr. Cook decided not to seek re-election for a 4th term.


“As most of you know, tonight is Mr. Jimmy Cook’s last official meeting as a member of the Macon County School Board,” said Director Tony Boles. “I would like to present Mr. Cook with a plaque on behalf of the Macon County School Board and the Macon County School System that says, “Presented to Jimmy Cook for twelve years of dedicated service to the Macon County School Board and the children and citizens of Macon County, 2006- 2018.”

“Mr. Cook has spent 12 years on the board, but he’s spent 30 plus years prior to that in education in Macon County,” shared Mr. Boles. “Mr. Cook we present you with this plaque tonight for your service to the school system and we would like for you to say a few words. The floor is yours.”

“Twelve years ago when I ran, I had a special reason,” said Mr. Jimmy Cook. “The fire marshal had condemned both schools in Red Boiling Springs and it was necessary that we make some repairs and so some other things. And so, because I had taught there for 30 years, and went to school there for 12 years, I had a lot invested. I wanted to see the school continue.”

Mr. Cook says that Red Boiling Springs is a good school, and the elementary has been shining greatly and the high school has been good. “I want to thank all of you who helped because, Mr. Law came on as director and spent 3 million dollars helping us,” explained Mr. Cook. “All of you people have been for Red Boiling Springs and all the other schools, as well.”

“My wish is that this continues, and that the board not be partial to any of the schools,” explained Mr. Cook. “I hope that you continue to help all of our schools. Macon County is growing, and anyone that knows what is happening is aware of the fact that we need another elementary school in Lafayette.”

“As Mr. Boles said, we have 150 more students this year than last year,” said Mr. Cook. “We are going thru what is called a population shift, and people are leaving Lebanon, Gallatin, Nashville and various other places, and moving to our county because the cost of living is cheaper. Some of us, including myself, are really going to work hard toward getting the money we need. I can help with the column I have in the newspaper. Macon County is a good county and we need to go all out to help it grow.”

Mr. Cook says we have a good school director, Mr. Tony Boles, who is one of the best the county has ever had. “The board is good, the men are good, and one lady who has been a great help to us,” he said. “I want to thank all of you for helping Red Boiling Springs and the school system in general.” 

“Thanks to everyone.”