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Three Arrested for Counterfeit $100 Bills

By Jessie Williams

The Lafayette Police Department arrested three individuals on Sunday, September 16, in two separate incidents involving counterfeit $100 bills. 


The first incident occurred at approximately 7:51 a.m. when Officer Josh McClard responded to the Sav-A-Lot parking lot in reference to a female passed out inside a red minivan.

Officer McClard woke the woman up and asked her to step out of the vehicle. 

When she exited the vehicle, she was asked to provide identification and began pulling items from her bra including credit cards and loose cash. The cash included $100 bills.

The woman was identified as 37-year-old Jamie Sherie Ladd of Lafayette.

A sobriety test was administered, and Officer McClard received consent to search the vehicle. 

Another $100 bill was found crumpled up on the floor and upon inspection, appeared to be slightly discolored. 

Sergeant Matt Looper investigated the three $100 bills and found them to all have identical serial numbers, revealing they were counterfeit. 

Ladd stated that the bills were not hers when asked where she obtained them. 

Also found in the vehicle was a printer cartridge and a notebook that included a shopping list for multiple printer cartridges, directions for ink color combinations and other suspicious notations.

Ladd was charged with theft: criminal simulation. She was booked into the Macon County Jail on $10,000 bond.

Later that same day, two more individuals were arrested for attempting to pass a $100 bill at the Shell station on Scottsville Road. 

Upon the officer’s arrival, 35-year-old Brandon Bolton of Red Boiling Springs, was pulling out of the store in a minivan.

After being stopped by authorities, he was found to be in possession of two grams of meth and less than half an ounce of marijuana inside a film canister. 

He was placed under arrest, and police discovered two counterfeit $100 bills in the van. 

His accomplice, 28-year-old Forest Gregory White of Red Boiling Springs, was also arrested at the store with the same type of counterfeit $100 bill. 

After being taken into custody, White was charged with introduction of contraband into a penal institution after he was found to have a small bag of marijuana in his shoe during the booking process. Bolton was also found to have marijuana in his possession during the booking process.

Brandon Bolton was charged with possession of a schedule II, simple possession, theft: criminal simulation and introduction of drugs into a county institution. His bond was set at $21,200.

White was charged with theft: criminal simulation and introduction of drugs into a county institution. His bond was set at $6,200. 

Both cases remain under investigation. Additional charges and arrests are expected.

Business owners are urged to use markers provided by their banks to identify counterfeit bills.