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Man on 4-Wheeler Arrested: Faces Drug & Gun Charges

By Jessie Williams

A man operating a four-wheeler on Ellington Drive was arrested September 30, 2018 for possession of a crystal substance, believed to be meth, marijuana and a handgun. 


According to the Affidavit of Complaint filed by Lafayette Police Department Patrolman Derek Carlisle, Mr. Wendell Wilson Jones was stopped at the intersection of Scottsville Road and Ellington Drive on his four-wheeler after being seen handing a cigarette pack to a female riding behind him. 

After speaking with Jones, Officer Carlisle discovered the cigarette pack contained a white crystal substance individually bagged for what appeared to be resale. There was also a bag containing a green, leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana.

Mr. Jones stated that both substances were his.

A search of the four-wheeler also led to the discovery of a .22 caliber Ruger handgun inside the front storage case, which also belonged to Jones. 

Mr. Jones was charged with possession of a schedule II drug, possession of a schedule VII/VIII drug, manufacture of narcotics, ATV on roadway and possession of a firearm during a felony. His bond was set at $26,700, and he is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on October 17, 2018.