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Domestic Dispute With Injuries

By Debbie Gregory

A Red Boiling Springs woman received 22 staples and two stitches following a domestic dispute on October 18th.


According to RBS Police Chief Kevin Woodard on Thursday, October 18, he was dispatched to 109 North College Street for a domestic situation, but on his way there he was advised that the female had left the residence and was walking on Dale Street. “I came across Sunset Drive and I saw the woman that matched the description in front of Dr. Woodard’s Office,” said Chief Woodard. “I got out and went to talk to her and I identified her as Melissa Bush. She was crying and her shirt was covered in blood.”

Chief Woodard said that when he asked her what was going on, she stated that her and her boyfriend, Mark Anthony England, had gotten into an argument and he hit her in the head with a coffee mug. “Her hair was soaked in blood and when I looked at her head I saw a big cut,” continued Chief Woodard. “I called for EMS and I hollered for a county unit to help me. Deputy William Tuck and SRO Josh Boles showed up and they went to the residence to talk to Mr. England, and I stayed with Melissa till the ambulance arrived. She was transported to Macon Community Hospital.”

“Apparently Melissa Bush has been with Mr. England for several years, and she was packing to leave when the dispute started,” noted the Chief. “She was packing a coffee mug that Mr. England said was his and she said it wasn’t. A heated argument ensued and at that point she got struck in the head with the mug.”

Ms. Bush said while the physical altercation was taking place, she was able to defend herself and she got away from Mr. England after she was struck. “She left the residence and started walking,” said Chief Woodard, “and then she called the police.”

“I went to the residence to speak with Mark England,” the chief said, “and he stated that the argument started over her packing up all the dishes and leaving him with nothing. Mr. England stated that Melissa attacked him first and he was defending himself. He said that she hit him with a coffee mug and he hit her back. After she left, Mr. England also called the police.”

Melissa Bush ended up with a laceration that required 22 staples and two stitches. 

The chief said the only marks on Mr. England were small scratches to the right side of his nose, and above his right eye.

“At that point, I determined that due to Mark England being twice the size of Melissa, and the type of injuries she sustained, he was the primary aggressor,” added the Chief. “I placed him under arrest for aggravated assault. The broken coffee mug was collected as evidence since it had a large clump of Melissa’s hair on it.”

Mr. Mark England, of Red Boiling Springs, was transported to the Macon County Justice Center. His bond was set at $7,500 and a General Sessions Court date is set for November 7.