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Elderly Man Assaulted by Grandson

By Jessie Williams

Three subjects were arrested the day after Christmas following a domestic assault involving a 72-year-old man, his grandson, his grandson’s girlfriend and his daughter. 


According to the incident report filed by Deputy Aaron Shipley of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Jackie Jenkins reported that his grandson, 18-year-old James Dodson, had assaulted him and thrown a chainsaw through his door. He also advised the dispatcher that he had struck Mr. Dodson with his walking stick to keep him from entering his home, and that he did have a pistol in his pocket for self defense purposes until local authorities arrived.

Upon the officer’s arrival, Deputy Shipley found Mr. Dodson and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Alexis Freeman, on the back porch of Mr. Jenkins’ Old Highway 52 residence, holding their heads. 

The front door was also busted. 

Officer Shipley discovered through interviews and investigation that James and Alexis were trying to enter Mr. Jenkins’ home uninvited, and he struck them both in the head with his walking stick. Mr. Jenkins and his daughter, 45-year-old Penny Dodson, then locked themselves inside the house, and James threw a chainsaw through the door in an attempt to gain entry.

The report states that  Penny struck Alexis and James in the head with a flashlight to break up a fight, and James then grabbed his mother. 

James Dodson was arrested and charged with domestic violence and vandalism. His bond was set at $2,500. 

Dodson’s mother and girlfriend were both charged with domestic violence.

They are all scheduled to appear in general sessions court on January 23, 2019.