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Armed Robbery at Jr. Foods

By Debbie Gregory

On Tuesday night, January 8th, a man wearing a red bandana around his face and a black hat, walked into Jr. Foods, displayed a firearm, and said “give me the money.”


Lafayette Police Department Detective Shane Reed stated that criminal charges of aggravated robbery have been filed against two Kentucky men, 19-year-old Spencer Holland, who entered the Scottsville Road store, and 22-year-old Tyler Russell, who was driving.

According to Detective Reed, on Tuesday night the Lafayette Police Department was dispatched to Jr. Foods on Scottsville Road at approximately 9:46 p.m., after a call came in that the store had been robbed at gunpoint. “After viewing the store video it was determined that a green 2000 Ford F-250 truck pulled up in the parking lot and a man, later identified as Spencer Holland, got out of the vehicle and wandered around behind the store apparently waiting for everyone to leave the business,” explained Detective Reed. “Once everybody left he entered the store and told the clerk to “give me the money.” The clerk said, ‘are you serious?’ and the suspect said he was and the clerk replied ‘ok’.”

Detective Reed said when the clerk opened the register, the suspect could be seen in the video reaching over and grabbing what he could. “After grabbing $365.00, the suspect ran out of the store and took off in the truck driven by another suspect, later identified as Tyler Russell.”

The Lafayette Police Department and the Macon County Sheriffs Office searched for the suspects, and after posting the video on Facebook, Detective Reed said they received an anonymous tip that the green truck belonged to Tyler Russell. “We also found an address where they both were staying at 1988 Capital Hill Road in Fountain Run, Ky.,” said Detective Reed. “We loaded up that morning and headed to Fountain Run and we found the truck at that address,” continued Detective Reed. “We contacted the Barren County, Ky., Sheriff’s Office and advised them what we had and they said they would send some officers to us. While watching the house, Spencer Holland came out, jumped in the truck, and was attempting to leave the residence, when we blocked him in and took him into custody. When the Barren County officers arrived, we talked Tyler out of the house and took him into custody.”

Detective Reed said the bandana and hat were still in the truck and the rest of the clothes and the fake pistol were inside the home.

“We went back to the Barren County Sheriff’s Office and interviewed the two suspects and got full confessions from both of them,” noted Detective Reed. “Both were extradited back to Tennessee to face aggravated robbery charges.”

“The Lafayette Police Department would like to thank the Macon County Sheriff’s Office for helping us search and we would like to thank the Barren County Sheriff’s Office for their help as well,” added Detective Reed. “We would also like to thank the public for the tips and for watching our Facebook page, they really helped us.”