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Three RBS Stores Fined For Selling Beer to Minors

By Debbie Gregory

Discussions at the January 10th special called meeting of the Red Boiling Springs Beer Board, led to three Red Boiling Springs stores being ordered to pay hefty fines for selling beer to minors.


The Beer Board meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 10, with Mayor Joel Coe presiding. Members attending the meeting were Joe Hill, George McCrary, MIchael Rich, Danielle Rufener, and Cynthia Smalling. Lee Butram was absent. 

The purpose of the meeting was to address the violation of Beer Ordinance 8-213 (4), which is selling beer to minors. The date was listed as November 29, 2018, and the stores in question were Star Mart, R.B.S. Liquor Store and R.B.S. Market.

Following discussions, a motion was made by Joe Hill and seconded by George McCrary to set the following fines: Star Mart at $1,500, R.B.S. Liquor Store at $1,500, and R.B.S. Market was set at $1,000 due to being owned by the same owner of the liquor store.

According to RBS Police Chief Kevin Woodard there was a coordinated effort after the City of Lafayette and Macon County began receiving complaints that stores throughout the county were selling beer to minors. “The November 29 effort was coordinated by Major Joey Wilburn with the Macon County Sheriffs Office, Detective Shane Reed with the Lafayette Police Department, myself and RBS Assistant Police Chief Justin Adams,” said Chief Woodard. “We had an unidentified 20-year-old male who went in and attempted to buy beer in the stores in Macon County that sold alcohol. There were three stores in Red Boiling Springs that sold to this underage person, and they were Star Mart, R.B.S. Liquor Store and the R.B.S. Market.”

“Once these stores in Red Boiling Springs sold to him, we gathered evidence and I presented it to the Red Boiling Springs Beer Board,” added Chief Woodard. “I issued summon’s for the owners to appear at the Red Boiling Springs Beer Board meeting, where they were all found guilty of the violation and were fined.”

The fines are to be receipted into the General Fund Police Dept. fines/and costs.

Chief Woodard said these three businesses apologized and stated they had made the proper adjustments to fix the problem. “They assured us it wouldn’t happen again,” said Chief Woodard.