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Kinsley’s Care Fund Benefit This Saturday

By Debbie Gregory

Kinsley Rayne Dodson, infant daughter of Dusty and Elizabeth Dodson, was born on February 27 with a heart condition, and she needs our help. 


Kinsley’s Care Fund Benefit will be held this Saturday, May 18th, 2019, beginning at 10:00 a.m. located across from 716 Pumpkintown Road, Red Boiling Springs, Tn. with horse and ATV rides (riding separately), along with lunch at approximately 2:00 or 2:30, with a live auction following.

According to Kinsley’s mother, Elizabeth, the little girl will be having open heart surgery within a year, with procedures in the future to ensure her heart is functioning properly. “Kinsley has already spent four days in Vanderbilt and goes to cardio every other week,” said Elizabeth. “Kinsley is strong but they say she will need the surgery probably within the year.” 

 “The support is overwhelming, and besides my family, there are so many other people reaching out to us, that it’s impossible for me to put into words how much this means to us,” continued Elizabeth. “You just don’t realize how many friends you have, until you need help.”
“God is helping is through this, and I think that’s why Kinsley is doing as well as she is,” shared Elizabeth. “She has so many people praying for her, and it is a blessing to know that folks are keeping Kinsley in their thoughts and prayers. All the glory to God, this is why she is doing so well, for sure.”

Elizabeth says they have had lots of monetary donations, and they are certainly thankful. “Kinsley is a little blessing to us,” said Elizabeth, “and so much of what seemed important before, has stopped being so important.”

Kinsley has an account at Macon Bank & Trust under Elizabeth Yokley Dodson’s name, for those who would like to make a donation.

Let’s all pitch in everybody, after all, there’s nothing better than helping.