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Ex-Boyfriend Goes Too Far After Breakup

By Jessie Williams

A Scottsville man is accused of going too far after a breakup – posting private videos and photos of his ex-girlfriend to a porn website, using her social security number to alter her 401K account and harassing her.


The victim, a Red Boiling Springs woman, claims that when the couple broke up, 26-year-old Shelton Wayne Watson texted her over 40 times and called her phone over 50 times in a three-day period after she told him to stop contacting her. 

The woman told Red Boiling Springs Police that she also received an alert on her phone that changes had been made to her 401K account, and discovered the beneficiary had been changed from the name she had listed, to Mr. Watson’s. Her social security number would have been required to make the change.

The most extreme accusation against Watson however, is that he sent his ex a link to a porn hub website where he had posted eight intimate videos of the two of them without her permission and three private photos of her. 

Watson was charged with harassment, identity theft and 11 counts of unlawful exposure. 

His bond was set at $21,000, and he is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on August 7, 2019.