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Barrett Faces Charges in Macon County & Kentucky

By Jessie Williams

Willie Don Barrett, age 29, faces charges in Macon County and Kentucky after attempting to evade a traffic stop on Scottsville Road last week. 


According to Macon County Detective Shane Gregory, a warrant was out for Barrett’s arrest when Sergeant Kyle Petty recognized him driving on Scottsville Road and attempted to stop him.

Barrett, however, allegedly would not stop and continued driving north on Scottsville Road, towards the Kentucky line. 

The Allen County Sheriffs Department and Scottsville Police were notified.

On Highway 98, just outside of the Scottsville city limits, authorities attempted to block Barrett in, but he rammed a detective’s vehicle, then reversed and backed into Sergeant Petty’s car before fleeing his vehicle on foot.

Sergeant Petty, three Kentucky officers, Macon County K-9 Officer Jacob McClard and K-9 Otto pursued the suspect until he was detained about 500 yards from his vehicle. 

Barrett was charged with reckless endangerment, evading arrest, financial responsibility violation, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, driving left of center, improper passing and violation of probation in Macon County. He is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on October 31, 2019. 

He will also face additional charges in Kentucky. 

Chronicle readers may recall in last week’s issue, Barrett was charged with stealing and stripping a vehicle earlier this month. According to local law enforcement he was also charged with fleeing on foot and possession of meth after his release from that incident.

The warrant out for his arrest was due to the judge revoking his bond.