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Arrest on Church St.

By Jessie Williams 

A Lafayette man is behind bars after allegedly attempting to assault a police officer, violating an order of protection and being in possession of drugs. 


According to a report filed by arresting officer Clint Hestand of the Lafayette Police Department, a female individual who was the victim of a domestic situation with 29-year-old Jeremy Phillips in October of 2019, called to report that Phillips tried to break into her home on February 7, 2020. 

Upon the officer’s investigation, he observed footprints in the snow around the woman’s home. 

After arriving at Phillips’ home, he observed similar footprints and noticed Phillips’ car had been driven. 

Phillips allegedly did not respond when Officer Hestand knocked on his door. The officer then waited for the suspect to leave his home. 

When he did, he was immediately pulled over in his driveway by Officer Hestand. 

The officer walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle where he witnessed Phillips put a black bag under the seat.

After asking Phillips to step out of the vehicle to speak with him, the officer claims Phillips resisted his request and attempted to elbow him. Phillips allegedly continued to keep fighting law enforcement until he was brought down to the ground. 

Prescription pills and a crystalized substance, believed to methamphetamine, were found in the black bag during a search of Phillips’ vehicle. 

Phillips’ home on Church Street in Lafayette, is located in a drug-free zone.

He was charged with assault, manufacturing of narcotics (2 counts), resisting arrest and violation of order of protection. His bond was revoked.

Mr. Phillips is scheduled to appear in court on February 12, 2020.