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Mullinix Resigns as Head Coach at RBS

By Wally Etheridge

Red Boiling Springs High School announced this week that Bulldog basketball head coach Andrew Mullinix has submitted his resignation effective immediately. The opening has already been posted on the Macon County schools website. This news came as a huge surprise to those who follow Bulldog basketball therefore we sat down with Andrew Mullinix to look further into his resignation.

Mullinix turned in his resignation last Friday as the head coach of the boys basketball program at Red Boiling Springs High School and Junior High. Coach Mullinix was an assistant for six years with the RBS girls and coached the junior high boys for three years. Coach Mullinix served as the head coach of the high school team for the last three years.

Your resignation was unexpected so tell us what brought you to resign.

“There were a lot of things going on in my personal life such as a new baby that needs more of my time plus I needed to spend more time with my wife also.”

Your team played very well this season and you have every player coming back next year?

“Yes and my leaving was the hardest decision in my career as a head coach. I wish them well.”

The stress of coaching high school and junior high school plus making a schedule for 65 games a year and dealing with the parents took up a lot of your time. Was this just too much?

“No major problem with parents but making out the schedule was done both in the day and night. That took a lot of time away from my family.”

Was the family ready to spend more time alone at home?

“Yes, yes. We were glad to spend more time with the 10 month old.”

This job and the hours has caused health issues. How is your health now? 

“Taking medicine as of this evening but no serious problems that I know about.”

You spent three months thinking about quitting this job and now you have turned in your resignation. Do you feel better? 

“Yes the pressure is no longer part of my job.”

Do you think you will ever coach again? 

“Who knows what the future holds but I never say no. Maybe down the road.”

Thanks for your time Coach Mullinix and we wish you well.