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Jeff Hudson Resigns From Lafayette City Council

By Debbie Gregory

Mayor Jerry Wilmore announced last week that Councilman Jeff Hudson has resigned from the Lafayette City Council. Mr. Hudson is moving outside the city limits and will no longer be eligible to serve.

Hudson’s resignation letter:

“Due to the fact that I am married and in the process of moving out of the city I must resign from the City Council effective June 16, 2023. I have enjoyed my time on the council. The City of Lafayette has some amazing employees who truly care about the city. I’m extremely proud of every single vote I made for the city. In my opinion people are not elected to vote based on what one voter thinks or says. People are elected to take in the facts and use “their own” judgement and do what is best for the city. I think with the help of Mayor Wilmore and the council members this city is in a great position to embrace the future. I challenge everyone who lives in the city to not just complain but get involved. Many things local governments do may not make sense until you understand the details. As I said I have enjoyed being on the council and have nothing but good feelings about my service.” – Jeff Hudson

According to Mayor Wilmore, the city will have to advertise for the vacant council seat, asking anyone interested in this position to submit a letter to Lafayette City Hall by no later than July 5, 2023, to be reviewed by the council. The position will be filled by the city council at the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 11.  The applicant must be 21 years of age and have resided in the city limits of Lafayette for a minimum of two years. 

Jeff Hudson was elected to the Lafayette City Council on June 18, 2020.