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City of Red Boiling Springs Hires First Female Officer in 70 Years

Red Boiling Springs has hired the first female patrol officer in 70 years, 34 year old Rachel Meyers. Pictured l-r: Red Boiling Springs Police Officer Rachel Meyers and Red Boiling Springs Police Police Chief J.B. Killmon. (Photo by M. Green)

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs Police Force is person closer to having a complete force after hiring the first female patrol officer in 70 years, incorporated back in 1953.

“I have been in law enforcement for ten years,” Rachel Meyers said after being officially approved by the City Council for employment with the Red Boiling Springs police force. “I have been with the Gallatin Police Department for five years and initially started in law enforcement with Vanderbilt University.”

“I have experience serving in big cities. I have also been in the Tennessee Army National Guard for eleven years, serving as a medic for all of those years. I have been on deployment for Operation Atlantic Resolve, and was activated in 2020/2021 for the COVID Task Force, which was Tennessee’s first all medical mission. I have lived in Macon County for three years now, in Lafayette with my six cats and three dogs, living a very homely life. I am 34 years old and I grew up in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, where my parents still live.”

When asked how her parents felt about her career paths, she replied, “I am one of two kids with an older brother, and my mother brags to everyone that she has a daughter who is a police officer and I know they are proud of me being in the Army. My dad is a man of few words but I can tell he likes it, with me being the first of our family since my grandfather to join the military, so I know he is super proud.”

“I loved being a medic, and that training has been useful while on patrol in Gallatin. Their violent crimes are rising and I have had to use it multiple times out there.”

Welcome to the Red Boiling Springs Police force Officer Rachel Meyers.