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Jessa Spears Receives Two State Championship Titles

Macon County native Jessa Spears has received two state championship titles.

Jessa is the 15 year old daughter of Jr Spears and Heather Hightower. She is a sophomore at Macon County High School and she is very active in FFA as well as 4-H where her love of Archery all began.

Jessa started shooting archery in 4th grade and went to compete at the regional contest held in Cookeville TN and while there she was partnered with a girl named Emily. During their competition the two discussed archery and Emily mentioned to Jessa that she was had placed in a national competition in Las Vegas earlier that year.

This is when Jessa approached her parents and seemed very interested in archery outside of 4-H. Her parents agreed to let her try it out to see if it was something she would take serious and to their surprise she fell in love with this sport that has given her many championship titles and she added more this year to that wall! Jessa came out as the 2023 S3DA TN state shooter of the year as well as the ASA TN state shooter of the year.

Jessa is affiliated with Triple Threat Archery, located in Lebanon TN and would like to invite anyone and everyone who is interested in this sport to contact her coach Branden McGrath at 615-218-0768 if you’d like to become part of the club or even just check it out.