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RBS City Approves Manantial Mexican Restaurant to Sell Beer By-The-Drink

By Misty Green

A Beer Board meeting held fifteen minutes prior to the October 12th Red Boiling Springs City Council monthly meeting, approved Manantial Mexican Restaurant’s application to sell beer by the drink. 

Red Boiling Springs City Attorney Brandon Bellar asked the representatives of the Mexican Restaurant, if they understood the beer laws and the moral turpitude, also making sure that none of their employees held a felony record and things of that nature, before the council approved their request.

The Manantial Restaurant was not the only business to apply for the right to sell alcohol in their establishment, because during this session, the owner of Good Times Pizza had also submitted the beer selling application, but was deferred until the next meeting, to allow time for Good Times Pizza to file the proper paperwork with the state, concerning a LLC title being dissolved and a previous issue with taxes not yet standing finalized.

“This is going to be on-site consumption,” Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis said. 

“And ya’ll are the first two (applicants) in Red Boiling that started this, so we are making sure that everything is in order. We don’t want to get in trouble and we sure don’t want ya’ll in trouble,” Hollis added.

“We already have packaged liquor, so what do we need to do to have liquor by the drink,” Hollis commented after the beer board meeting had convened. “Maybe, we should put liquor by the drink on the next election ballot,” Hollis told the council. “It (next election) is another year and a half away, but if anybody wants to put that on there, then that’d be fine… We can sell beer by the drink, but we can’t have liquor by the drink, unless we vote it, and I think it would go along fine… I don’t see no problem with it… We have already got packaged liquor, because they can sell beer by the drink, but, if we can put it on the next referendum and have an election, then all we have to do is vote it, and it should go fine. You can go to any town around us and buy liquor by the drink at restaurants in Lafayette, Gordonsville, Carthage. You go to a restaurant in Lebanon, Gallatin, Hendersonville, they all sell liquor by the drink, and we are trying to keep up with the times… Red Boiling Springs is moving forward.”