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County Presents Proclamation to Sgt. William Cherry’s Family

Macon County Citizens gave standing ovation to the memory of the late William Jace Cherry, after Macon County Sheriff Joey Wilburn turned over possession of Cherry’s service weapon to the Cherry Family during the presentation of 10-11/23 Sgt. William Cherry Proclamation on October 16.

By Misty Green

Some of the Macon County governing body gave a teary-eyed standing ovation honoring the late Sergeant William Cherry after Macon County’s Mayor Steve Jones read the contents of the 10-11/23 Sgt. William Cherry Proclamation, during the October 16, 2023 Legislative Body meeting.

Mayor Jones requested the Cherry family to come forward to accept this presentation. William’s wife, Aleatheia Cherry and his father, Billy Cherry, slowly walked over to where they were both standing in front of the governing body.

As Mayor Jones began to read, Mr. Cherry bowed his head… A proclamation of the dedication and sacrifice of Sgt. William J. Cherry of the Macon County Sheriff Department.

Where as, William J. Cherry graduated from Walters State Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy in December 2010 and became a post certified law enforcement officer in the state Tennessee, and, Where as, William J. Cherry went to work for the Celina Police Department in February 2011, and, Where as, William J. Cherry was promoted to Assistant Chief and stayed at Celina Police Department until March 2018, and, Where as, William J. Cherry worked as a Security Officer at Macon Community Hospital from 2017 to 2019, and, Where as, William J. Cherry then went to work for the Red Boiling Springs Police Department from January to August 2019, and, Where as, in August 2019, William J. Cherry came to work for the Macon County Sheriff’s Department as a Patrol Deputy, and, Where as, William J. Cherry was promoted to nigh shift supervisor in November 2021, and Where as, on July 29, 2023, an intoxicated driver crossed the center line and struck William J. Cherry’s vehicle head-on, and, Where as, on July 29, 2023, William J. Cherry lost his life in the line of duty from the injuries sustained in the automobile accident, and, therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Legislative Body of Macon County, Tennessee, this the 16th day of October, 2023, do sincerely give recognition of Sgt. William J. Cherry for the ultimate sacrifice given by dedicated protection to the citizens of Macon County, while working for the Macon County Sheriff’s Department.

Macon County Sheriff Joey Wilburn then presented the Cherry family William’s service weapon. Sgt. William Jace Cherry was 55 at the time of his death.

During this meeting, Macon County Commissioners also approved Proclamation 10-12/23 4-H Week, recognizing October 1-7, being 4-H Week.

The following were approved in the Election of Notaries Public: Samantha Davis, Shirley Day, Wendy Jared, Keith Pedigo, Anita Thomas, and Kimmy Warf.

Commissioners approved the following minutes: Legislative Body Meeting 9/18/23; Planning Commission Meeting 8/15/23; Board of Zoning Appeals 8/15/23; Emergency Services Meeting 9/5/23; Committee of the Whole Meeting 10/2/23.

Commissioners approved budget amendments in the following departments: General Purpose School; Sheriff Department: VCIF Grant, Drug Fund – Body Armor Grant, Capital Projects, Mental Health Transport Grant, SRO Grant; Library; Animal Control; Election Commission.

Commissioners approved a note renewal motion for the Highway Department to renew the one million dollar note they currently pay.

Commissioners approved the Sheriff’s exchange program, which was a motion to approve using an exchange program with RTAC to transition the Sheriff Department from 40 caliber handguns to 9mm. This is a buy back program for the old equipment.

In the County Mayor section of the agenda, Macon County Commissioners approved the ARC Grant motion to accept bids for the ARC Water Tank Grant.

Commissioners approved Lafayette Little League to build a softball field at the fairgrounds, providing it is ADA compliant and an agreement holding insurance coverage on non-county employees working on county property.

Commissioners approved a motion of ratification for Tonia Butler on the Fair Board.

Commissioners approved the following department monthly reports: Building Codes/Impact Fee Report; Animal Control; EMS Operational Report.

Reminder: Committee of the Whole meeting will be on Monday, November 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Courthouse on the Public Square in Lafayette.