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“Shop With A Cop”…The True Spirit of Christmas

The Lafayette Lions Club was one of many that donated to “Shop With A Cop”. Pictured l-r: Detective Elliot Sandifer, Chief Deputy Kyle Petty, Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, Detective Jacob McClard, Detective Bobby Jacoby, and Deputy J.B. Killmon. (Photo submitted)

By Debbie Gregory

The Christmas holidays are quickly approaching, and as a result of a huge community response effort, 55 children in Macon County will have the chance for a better, brighter and merrier Christmas, thanks to “Shop With A Cop”, spearheaded by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

“We wanted to do something for Christmas last year, so we got together and decided to re-organize “Shop With A Cop” which hasn’t been done in several years,” said Chief Deputy Kyle Petty, with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. “We started working on the project in October and it all kind of came together from there, and we had a very successful first year. And once again this year, the response to help our children in Macon County has been unbelievable.”

“We started a bank account for the project last year at Citizens Bank, and we have just left it open for any donations that come in,” said Chief Deputy Petty.

“The event will be held this Thursday, December 7, at Walmart, and the children who were selected will be given $250 to purchase whatever they want,” said Petty. “We are going to meet at the Justice Center at 5 p.m. and then head toward Walmart at 6 p.m. where the kids will be waiting for us. They will see us coming with our lights flashing. The aisles of the store will come alive with not only the children, but law enforcement officers from across the county and plenty of other volunteers.”

“We would like to thank all the businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals who either gave a donation or offered up a prayer for us,” said Petty. “This is a true community effort and we couldn’t do it without them. We are all looking forward to Thursday night.”

There is no greater lesson taught than to remember others during the holidays, and most of all – the true spirit of Christmas.