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Keen Resigns – Gann Hired – Bohanan Quits – Gann Quits; RBS Police Dept. Down to Three

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs Police Department is now down to a force of three following a rippled chain effect that proceeded after approving the resignation of Assistant Chief Chris Keen during the December 14th meeting of the City Council.

Upon advice from Mayor Kenneth Hollis, and by majority vote, the city council agreed to hire Derrick Gann (former Lafayette Police officer) to fill the vacant position, however, miscommunication among interested officers within the department and also by not following the department’s policy of posting the job vacancy, resulted in the governing body to now be asked to accept the resignation of officer Jason Bohanan during the January 9th council meeting.

Before the resignation of Keen and before the hiring of Gann, the vacant Assistant Chief of Police position was mentioned to Officer Bohanan, who was the weekend patrolman. This came to light during the December 14th meeting after Mayor Hollis advised the council to accept the hiring of Derrick Gann as the Assistant Police Chief, and was immediately questioned by council member Laurie Flatt as to why the job was not posted as had been done previously before during the resignation of J.B. Killmon. 

During this discussion, Officer Bohanan stated that the assistant chief job was sort of mentioned to him by Mayor Hollis, with Bohanan simply stating, “I did not want to make Chris mad thinking I wanted the spot over him,” which was not a clear, ‘no, I don’t want the job’. 

“Before the old Assistant Chief (Keen) was leaving, Hollis had asked me,” Bohanan stated, “Well, he didn’t ask, he just come out and said, ‘So, I guess you’ll be the Assistant Chief now’, is the way he said it, and I said, ‘Well, I think you need to ask the other guys first because the other guys were hired before me… And that’s how it was left… Well, he did say that Lt. Jeffrey Maynard, who was third in charge at the time, ‘Well he ain’t got enough experience’ and that’s how it was left. Then we find out he has hired one straight off the street, without posting the job first… After that, I just turned in my resignation. Less than a month later, I found out that the Assistant Chief he hired in December (Gann) had turned his time in, and that he had promoted Lt. Maynard, who Hollis stated during the December meeting was not experienced enough to be the Assistant Chief, yet he was promoted to Assistant Chief that day.”

Bohanan further stated, “After that ordeal went down, I just turned my time in, worked my two more weeks, and ended at the first of the year. I was already gone when Gann resigned and Maynard was promoted.”

“Hollis didn’t follow the procedures,” Bohanan asserted, “The policy does not say anything about hiring in-house, but normally that’s the way it has always been done, that you promote within beforehand. But it does say any job opening within the city has to be posted, and that is in the policy, and council member Laurie Flatt asked that night, why it wasn’t posted, and he said, it’s just the way we have always done it… I asked to stay on part-time so that I could stay certified and help out as needed, but the Chief denied that, saying that he was not going to use any officers anymore if they were not working for another department… So I am out altogether.”

Office Bohanan worked the weekend shift before resigning and in the December 14th meeting Mayor Hollis encouraged the hiring of Derrick Gann because that would put both of the chiefs working through the week.

It was reported that Officer Gann turned his time in last Thursday (Jan. 9th) telling them he would stay till the 31st of the month.

Speaking to Police Chief Joseph Woodard to confirm the current amount of Red Boiling Springs Police Department employees, he stated it currently consisted of Jeffrey Maynard, Brian Trask, and himself.

“Derrick Gann just resigned,” Chief Woodard commented, “He wanted to be at the coffee shop more and I hate to see him leave, but I understand… The coffee shop (Shebrews) is the family business and I don’t want to see it go down.”

Confirming the Red Boiling Springs Police Department is now down to a 3-man force, they are currently taking applications for two positions: certified and uncertified!

The next gathering of the RBS City Council is slated for February 8th at 7 p.m.