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RBS City Changes Charter – Mayor & Council Salaries Top List

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs City Council assembled on Thursday, March 14, for the monthly meeting, and among the topics discussed was a need to change the Charter, stemming from discrepancies found by an insurance advisor.

 “Gary Jeckel has come up here, he is the one who does our insurance,” Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis began to explain, “He has said that the last time that we changed the mayor and council salaries… All of our salaries… That we didn’t go through the proper steps… He said, we could have to pay it back and I said no… We ain’t going to do that… He came up here and went through stuff nosing around, that’s what he usually does, and is saying that we have done it wrong… Well, my theory is, that, he is saying that we missed a step in taking it in front of Legislation… Legislation has to change it in Nashville because that’s what is in the Charter, and he is saying that we missed that step… I’m not sure…we missed that step, but that’s according to him, and what he has told me before has not always been correct… For the next budget, if ya’ll want to, the mayor’s salary and the council’s salaries need to be changed, a little bit.”

“Why does that need a private act,” Council member George McCrary asked.

“It’s in the Charter,” Hollis replied, “That’s the way the Charter is set up… But he is saying that we are wrong… So, if we are going to have to go through Legislation to do it, we need to change the salaries a little bit… Before I think it changed like $10 or something like that, and it needs to be upped some more… I mean, people don’t do nothing for nothing nowadays and the way things are, you take calls at home, and people run into you all the time and all that… So, it’s worth your time and it’s worth a little bit of money for your time… We ain’t going to do anything in this meeting, but next meeting we need to get into it and figure out what we need to do and go from there… He says we are wrong, then we are going to change it this time and run it through, and then he can’t fuss on us.”

Hollis continued, “It’s in the Charter that ya’ll are to make $15 or $20 a meeting and then I’m to make, I think, $100 a week, or something, but then we changed it, 2, 3, or 4 years ago, and then when we changed it, he says that we didn’t follow all of the steps… But it’s a Charter change and too, this is another step, do ya’ll have a copy of the Charter… Well, I know they have the Charter here and if you want to read through the Charter, and if there is something in there that you want to make a Charter change, then right now is the time to do it. There is a Charter at the library and online… There were about 25 Charter changes the last time we done that anyway, and changed all that at one time… It comes to them (State Legislation) saying, ‘Red Boiling Springs wants to change their Charter’ and they vote it, and it goes.”

RBS Fire Department News

“We’ve got to put a radio system in the fire department,” Mayor Hollis stated, “They can’t talk to anyone and have to talk on portable phones when they are inside the building… Then Inside the building, you ain’t got no service.”

Firefighter Michael Duffer agreed stating, “Yes, my phone is what alerted me the other day when there was a bad wreck on Hwy 10, so, I had to come right outside of the building before I could hear anything.”

“It’s because it’s a metal building,” Hollis explained, “They are having the same issue up at the high school on account of their metal roof.”

“Last month, we had seven fire calls,” Fire Chief Randall Bray stated.

The council approved a motion to purchase the fire department radio equipment for $4,968.00.

Firefighter Michael Duffer then requested to ask a question stating, “The county mayor said they would reimburse us like $200 for each call we assist?”

“He told you that,” Mayor Hollis asked.

“Wasn’t that what he said… That Steve Jones said, if we help EMS or anything like that or whatever, if we turn it in, that he would reimburse us or give us $200,” Duffer reiterated.

“On a false fire call,” Fire Chief Randall Bray replied.

Duffer spoke again saying, “On the false fire call, if they are going to give us $200 then, well, is there any way that the volunteers that show up on the scene, could get a little something out of it… I mean, if they get up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning…”

“Ya’ll are not paid for that,” Mayor Hollis exclaimed, “I thought ya’ll was paid for that.”

“No,” Duffer replied, “Strictly, working fires is the only thing that we are paid for.”

“Get us somethings for the next meeting and we need to change that,” Mayor Hollis said, “Randall, you look at the Charter too.”

“Clean it up entirely,” City Attorney Brandon Bellar stated.

“There you,” Hollis agreed, “And if you want him to do that, then go to him, because he will be the one who understands it the most… If you have any questions, then we will go to him and see what he says, and change it… If he is saying, that we are wrong, then let’s just go ahead and fix it, then we can fix our problem, what about that.” And the council agreed.

Council persons present for the meeting included Lind Carver, Helen Gregory, Donna Grisham, George McCrary, Michael Rich, and Laurie Flatt.

RBS Police Department News

After approving the minutes from the February 8th meeting, the city council accepted the resignation of Joseph Woodard as the Chief of Police. Officer Woodard stated he planned to return to the Macon County Sheriff’s Department and also keep working for the Red Boiling Springs Police Department part-time. Officer Woodard then reported that during February, the department recorded 77 calls for service, 28 traffic stops, five citations, 23 warnings, and one arrest, and filed ten reports.

In Other Business

The council approved a motion to hire Jennifer Fann for the City Recorder position, move Leann McCall to the front as Deputy Clerk, working with Tammy Bray, and promote Lucas Carnahan from part-time to full-time in the Water Department. The Water Department reported they were currently doing services on Pumpkintown Road.

The RBS City Council approved accepting Bransford’s Lagoon Modification Bid for $69,500.00 to purchase four aerators to treat wastewater faster in the BabyNov plant.

The City of Red Boiling Springs set May 11th as spring clean-up day. Mayor Hollis told the council that letters have been and are now being mailed out warning city residents with complaints recorded to clean up their property or be cited to City Court. 

The council also discussed an issue with some who have requested a double trash can service. Hollis explained that people will call and request a second garbage can to be delivered and will keep it for around 30 days and then will call us back and say they don’t need our service anymore and to come pick the extra can back up, and will call back in a month or two, asking for it again.

“We need to pass something saying if you get a double can, that they need to pay for it for like a year because it is costing us to take the service on and back and forth… Instead of letting them keep it 30 days, they are keeping it right down to the day that they don’t want to pay for it anymore, and will request us to pick up both of their cans, and their service is gone for a month and then they’ll call back and get two cans… They are stockpiling it and it’s costing us to take and deliver them and pick them back up… So what do ya’ll think about a year or six months or something,” Hollis asked. 

“How much does it cost,” Linda Carver asked.

“If you are inside the city, the cost for the second can is $6.05,” Tammy Bray recalled, “If you live outside of the city, then the second can will cost $13.20 a month.”

“Let’s set it for six months,” George McCrary stated, and was unanimously approved.

The Street Department reported they were doing some more paving.

The Parks Department reported the parks are scheduled to be opened back up for public use by April 1st.

“The kids call the new park the “blue” park,” McCrary added, “And they have been cleaning it up and has it looking nice, just in time for the egg hunts this coming weekend.” 

McCrary also shared updates about the 3-Star program and that he had been given suggestions about landscaping in front of City Hall. The council also discussed the need for parking at the tennis court area and that the state would need to be contacted for access. It was reported that logging being done by Arian Powell was currently underway at Whitley Cemetery.

The next Red Boiling Springs City Council meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2024.