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In early summer the delicate flowers of chamomile bloom profusely, creating a pretty, yellow and white carpet over their lacy leaves.
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Wake Up America! Patriots Arise!

Patriots are people who passionately love their country and are willing to support it, yea defend it with their lives.
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Natures Care

Nature freely supplies much of what a plant needs to grow in the air( carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen) and water (hydrogen and oxygen).
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“The Days of Old”

Psalmist David wrote, “I remember the days of old…”(Psalm 143:5) The context of the presiding verse indicates that David, instead of worrying over the present with its troubles and burdens, looked backward with it’s truths.
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Homemade Wine

People have been brewing alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. It’s a way to preserve the summer’s harvest of fruits, but it has its pitfalls. Anyone drinking alcohol will inevitably have to deal with the fact that is addictive and can make you act really stupidly. The right amount can enhance a gathering, too much can spoil one. Alcohol can be a poison, an inebriant and a medicine. Please be careful with it.
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Wood Ash

Wood ashes make a valuable contribution to the soil. A tree’s root goes deep into the earth to pull up the nutrients it needs. Many years of growing have left minerals in the wood. These are not destroyed by fire, but are still in the ash.
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Nature, All Things are in Mutual Interaction

“In Nature, all things are in mutual interaction; the one is always working on the other. We must take the finer interactions into account. Otherwise we shall make no progress in certain domains of our farm work. Notably, we must observe those more intimate relationships of Nature when we are dealing with the life, together on the farm, of plant and animal.
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Nature in a Given District

“We may well assume, if there is a forest by Nature in a given district, it has its good use for the surrounding farmland. We should have sufficient insight, on no account to exterminate the forest in such districts, but to preserve it as well.
Therefore we should have the heart-when we see the vegetation is becoming stunted, not merely to make experiments on the fields alone, but to increase the wooded areas a little. Or if we notice that the plats are growing rampant, then we should set to work and make some clearings in the forest-take certain surfaces of wooded land away. What the woods do- not only for it’s immediate vicinity but far away and around it- what the woods do in this direction has to be done by quite other things in unwooded districts. This we should learn to understand.
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You were Born for Eleonily, But…

Ecclesiastes bill says that “God has… planted eternity in the human heart.” Abraham Lincoln once wrote: “ Surely God would not have created such a being as man to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immorality.” Putting it bluntly, life here is a tryout for life in eternity. All of us have an unborn instinct that longs for immorality. That is because our Creator has designed us to live for eternity.
One day your heart and my heart will beat for the last time and this will mark the end of our time on planet earth, but it will not be the end of us. The body is a temporary house for the spirit.
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The sun and moon rise in the east and set in the west. They always occupy the same section of the sky; you’ll never see them in the north. From our latitude, the sun and moon live in the southern sky between 30° and 72° above the southern horizon. All of the visible planets live in this part of the sky, too.
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Some Religious Questions Answered

Is it right to call a Preacher “Reverend?”
The word “Reverend” is used only one time in the King James Version of the Bible. “He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name” (Psalm 111:9). The word “reverend” refers to God in this passage.
Since we find no reference to The Reverend John or The Reverend Paul in the Bible, God’s Word, we are forced to conclude that this practice must have originated somewhere other than in the mind of God.
For finite man to appropriate to himself a title that refers to God is presumptuous. What an ego some men have!
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Bellis Bend

Our mission is to grow high quality, organic produce, and help others do the same. Many problems inherent in modern agricultural production disappear by farming organically on a smaller scale. Locally grown food uses less energy, but provides more employment. Soils are better cared for, and the farmers and surrounding environment are safer. There is reason to believe our nations health crisis is directly related to an unhealthy food production and distribution system, ie., Factory farms and fast food.
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The Erosion of America’s Heritage

Rudolph is Now Under Attack
Poor Rudolph! For years he has been the lead deer- pulling his sleigh millions of miles- loaded with toys- thrilling the hearts of multiplied millions of children, but now he is in danger of being banned from school, less American boys and girls become corrupted by this loving fictitious character of our culture.
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Christmas Carols

I love Christmas carols. When I was a child we would sing them at school, as we prepared for our Christmas festival, Hope, Joy and Peace, expressed in different songs, felt comforting.
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Pat Smith, Outstanding R.B.S. Star Passes Away

Pat Smith Brendle, outstanding basketball standout for R.B.S. High during the late sixties, passed away last Friday from cancer. She led her team to the State Tournament in 1969, when girl’s basketball rules called for six players per team- three on offense and three on defense- playing only one-half of the court at a time. Pat played offense, and was a dead shot. One commentator at Jackson, Tennessee, where the State Tournament was played, commented on her shooting ability by saying, “I believe this girl could kick the ball through the goal, she’s this good.”
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The Last Delivery

We grew too many vegetables again this year. But our friends have risen to occasion and dealt with almost all of it. As the last delivery of the year pulls out of Long Hungry, we breathe a sigh of relief and gush out gratitude’s; thank goodness for all of your support.
The impetus for our week comes from you, the people who eat our food, read the column, watch the show, or visit the farm. Money flows in and out of here, but doesn’t seem to be the reason for the work. We love what we do and would keep farming anyway, although on a much smaller scale. But the economy of the scale and the division of labor allow us maximum production efficiently, and your support makes this possible.
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Singing the Blues

There is pop music, country music, and the blues. Blues seems to be a favorite of the black people. I can understand this, for over the years many of them have suffered so much that it is understandable how and why they relate to the blues types of music. In a book entitled “ God of the Oppressed,” written by James H. Cone, the author has this bit of a blues song about when a woman cannot find her man, “The man I’ll marry ain’t been born yet, and his mammy’s dead.” A hopeless situation, right?
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“ The World is a Turnip”

Turnips could be about the easiest crop we grow. Consequently, we plant a lot of them.  They are both grown for greens and roots.  There is an old saying “ The world is a turnip”, but I don’t know what it means.
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Greed’s Destructive Power

The Lost Bone
There is a story in the Old Mc Duffy Reader of a dog which set out one day to find for himself a bone.
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Most plants are not an excuse for kissing.

Most plants bloom in the spring, bear their fruits in the summer, and are dormant in the winter. Most plants don’t need a bird to propagate them.  Most plants have their roots in the earth and grow upwards towards the sun. And most plants are not an excuse for kissing.
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