There are places all over the world that many of us dream of visiting - tropical beaches where crystal clear water washes against the white, sandy shore, historical cities with cobblestone streets and ancient buildings that whisper their past, or a foreign country rich with culture and ideas different than our own.

But even when we travel to that dream location, that postcard-perfect paradise, we find that it’s nice to return to that familiar place where things rarely change, that place where directions and street maps are unnecessary, that place where we are never considered a stranger – that place we call home.

And as we unlock the door, we breathe in its familiar scent and are immediately filled with a sense of relief – a feeling of comfort that cannot be found in any hotel room because home, wherever it may be, will always welcome us back.

And as we travel, plan the vacations of our lives and take-in the sights and sounds of a new place, we leave knowing that it waits in the shadows.

Even after a long day at work, it isn’t until we reach our front doors or pull into our driveways that we are able to let the chaos and noise melt away, our very own sanctuary from the outside world.

The four walls of our homes hold between them the moments of our everyday lives, our secrets, our tragedies and our happiest hours, and it’s there that we feel most secure.

And whether we have sand between our toes, are lost on some cobblestone street or are fumbling with a translation manual, it’s home that we will always return to, our very own postcard-perfect paradise found with a turn of key.