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Barack Obama & Bill Clinton

 If I were Barack Obama and I indeed did win the nomination and the presidency next November I wouldn’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near my White House or anyway involved in my presidency! He will not willingly step back from the limelight, and he will not leave the public eye, mark my words, without another personal scandal attached to him. Bill needs Obama, not the other way around!

And if Hillary were as smart as they say she is she wouldn’t let Bill have anything to do with the remainder of her political career. Bill has single-handedly made race an issue where there really wasn’t one in this campaign and he calls himself the “first black president”! Sure. Only when it suits him. He has shown in recent months his penchant for being willing to say and do anything for power and he has irreparably hurt his wife’s historic run for the White House. Some say it was intentional and I suspect that they might be right. Bill couldn’t take the humiliation if Hillary’s legacy turned out to be greater than his own! With that said, let’s get…right to it!

 My hair was on fire after last week’s maelstrom over President Bush’s comments about the fact that some people think that we should talk with terrorist regimes and his comparison to those who would do so as appeasers and the assumption that Bush was speaking about Barack Obama even though his name wasn’t even mentioned was a real red herring. I personally thought Bush was speaking about the meddlesome Jimmy Carter and Nancy Pelosi more than Obama and I believe it was just an opportunity for Obama to grab some national headlines by throwing himself into the national discourse on foreign policy, all the while purposefully keeping Hillary Clinton out of the mix. Nice work, Obama! Senator Chris Dodd’s over the top indignation that Bush, on foreign soil, dissed a presidential candidate smacked of typical liberal hypocrisy. What about what Jimmy Carter and others have said about Bush on foreign soil without so much as a blip on the radar screens of Democrats!!  Pelosi, Carter, Dodd and others have deliberately gone against the Bush administration’s wishes about going to the Middle East and speaking with our adversaries and yet they did, and then they criticized Bush at every turn on a national stage. So now they cry foul because he makes a simple comment, which just happens to be the truth? Obama is an appeaser, as are most liberals. They are largely in the mold of Jimmy Carter, the worst of the bunch, and I’m glad called Bush called them all out on that.

  The 133rd running of the Preakness Stakes on Saturday May 17 at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore was nothing short of sublime! Big Brown repeated his sensational homestretch run to the finish line as he trounced his rivals and put himself on course to be the first Triple Crown winner in forty years. The tragic death of Kentucky Derby second place finisher Eight Belles cast a pall over Saturday’s festivities at first but the mood soon became elevated as Big Brown gave us another spectacular win.

 This past week Eight Belles’ trainer Larry Jones adamantly refuted the accusations of PETA and others that his filly was on steroids and that is why she was so large. PETA used to stand for animal rights alone but in recent years their methods seem more to be solely motivated by raising money and hurling accusations at those they oppose. No one would like to see young thoroughbreds allowed to mature before training than I would but exploiting a tragedy such as the death of Eight Belles and criticizing the jockey and trainer without any cause does nothing to help this issue. A new study is underway by the Jockey Club, a move praised by the NTRA, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, to reevaluate equine health and racing issues and perhaps the subject of the early start of the age of training of these majestic creatures will be part of the discussion as will the question about the track surfaces and whether synthetic or natural turf is safer.  I believe that as two year olds these young athletes are just not physically mature enough to handle the heavy load that is placed upon them. I hope we will soon see meaningful change in this industry.

 Random ramblings… I got a call the other day from a McCain fundraiser and I told her what I’ll tell you…If McCain has the good sense to put Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn on his ticket as vice president then I will support his campaign… Marsha would be the single best VP choice as she is a true conservative with great credentials and she would be the best possible choice to take up the mantle in 2012, and become the first woman president that we all could admire! Are you listening, McCain?...and while we’re at it, if McCain doesn’t tap Marsha I’d like to see her run for governor and straighten out the mess Bredesen has gotten Tennessee into!! … What is the message from the voting debacle from Florida and Michigan? Here it is: The goal post always changes in the Democratic Party…it’s whatever suits them at the moment that counts. Hillary and Barack both signed off on the DNC rules, just check it out. Yet, when Hillary Clinton and her supporters realized that they miscalculated the results from February’s Super Tuesday, and realized that they had grossly miscalculated the groundswell for Obama, the goal post moved…again.

 See ya next week!

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