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Barack Obama's "former" pastor

This weekend’s ranting and raving by Barack Obama’s “former” pastor at the NAACP meeting in Detroit just underscores what the people of the United States have already learned about the Reverend Jeremiah Wright… that he is a racist, divisive bully of a man and that Obama has used seriously poor judgment in defending him, or supporting him, in any way.

I would imagine that Obama is squirming after this weekend’s bombastic display by Wright. He did more to embarrass Obama with this latest gaff than ever before. With that said, let’s get… right to it!

 The Clintons just keep getting handed gifts, some directly by Barack Obama and others not so directly, in this never- ending primary campaign. The terrorist organization and ruling party of the Palestinian territories, Hamas, has endorsed Obama, claiming that he would be the best choice for our next president. Some endorsement. The just when it looks as if Hillary can’t possibly pull out a victory in the Democratic race, Obama’s mentor Wright says something else to embarrass the man. This is getting tighter by the day.

 However, another gift that Obama has handed Hillary is the continued mention of Obama’s connection to unrepentant, homegrown terrorist William Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground Organization, a late 1960s activist group that planted bombs during that turbulent era. In a nod to the ridiculous mentality of today’s higher academic institution’s penchant for courting radical liberal professors, Ayers in now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Although Ayers was never convicted of a crime due to a lack of legal competence, he has admitted to setting the bombs and said that he wished he had done more. Obama’s relationships with such controversial characters as Ayers and Wright will resonate with voters in November and Hillary may be right that he is just not viable in the general election.

 House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, the most powerful black person in Congress, has come out blasting Bill Clinton for his comments during the South Carolina primary. He told CNN that Clinton’s remarks caused him to hear things about Clinton that he never thought he would ever hear. Black Americans have always rallied around the Clinton machine; that is until Barack Obama came into the picture. Bill can’t help his foot in mouth remarks that always get him into trouble and the South Carolina primary was no different. When he compared Obama’s win in that state to Jesse Jackson’s win there in 1988, he inferred that because Obama was black he naturally would take a southern state such as South Carolina. Bill Clinton has done more than just anger Democrats for hurting his wife’s campaign and casting a negative tone, he has angered the black American community, a huge voting block, and perhaps fatally wounded Hillary’s support among a majority of black Americans for good.

 I find it very disturbing that not one talk show host, as far as I know, has even mentioned Cindy McCain’s stint as a co-host on The View last week. John McCain’s wife did a great job and showed her good sense of humor and her bubbly personality, and she proved that she was not the ice queen that she has been portrayed as by so many in the media. I was impressed.

 I was in New Jersey last week visiting my sister Peggi, who lives in seaside community known as The Highlands, and we took the ferry to Manhattan to see a limited release documentary, “The First Saturday in May”, a look at six trainers and the individual paths they took to get to the 2005 Kentucky Derby, were the heroic Barbaro handily defeated his nineteen other rivals. The film was tastefully and artfully done and just really got us in the mood for this coming Saturday’s Derby. The weather was magnificent and we pigged out on seafood every night. It was a total indulgence in the freshest king crab legs, clams, Ahi tuna, and delicious Mahi Mahi every night. I am unrepentant after such an eating orgy and because what we ate was so healthy neither of us gained a single ounce during the whole week I was there!

 Random ramblings… Veteran jockey Kent Desormeaux will wear a UPS logo on his jockey’s silks this coming Saturday as he hopes to pilot the huge bay colt Big Brown across the finish line first in the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. The parcel delivery service UPS is a client of the owner, hence the horse’s name. Maybe Lady Luck will be on their side! This is an awesome colt and he’s got my eye for the winner’s circle! He is a huge boy but his size should be a bonus for him. Undefeated horses coming into the Derby have always gotten my attention. He has been bothered by quarter cracks in his hooves but God willing, he will have a safe and victorious trip to the blanket of roses! Check out his maiden race last September on YouTube! He is something else! He has won all of his races by a dozen or more lengths going away. This could be the year for a Triple Crown winner, after thirty years! But after Barbaro’s tragic mishap in 2005, I just really pray for a safe racing season for all the horses involved.

 See ya next week!

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