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Bobby Jindal - The Next Vice President?

 Hope everyone had a safe and reflective Memorial Day. It’s so important to remember the reason for the picnics, the get-togethers, and the day off from work. Remembering and honoring those who gave their lives for the advancement of freedom around the world as they protected ours at home should come before all else.

Far be it from me to say I told you so but didn’t I tell you months ago that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal would be one of the best vice presidential choice for John McCain, one that would bring conservatives back into the fold and one that would make us have hope for the future of our party? Well, guess what? Jindal is meeting with McCain and former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney and current Florida governor Charlie Crist this weekend at McCain’s Arizona ranch to discuss that slot. While McCain seems to already have Louisiana in his corner and Romney would help with Michigan and other problematic states, Jindal represents youth, hope, and vitality to balance out McCain’s elderly image, and the fact that McCain will probably only serve one term makes his choice for VP a particularly important one. Charlie Crist is single, and that could be a problem for a vice presidential candidate. Most people fear a single person in such a crucial political position, and we haven’t seen one in our lifetime.

Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis with a malignant brain tumor has sent the Democrats into a tailspin. Most of today’s Democrats can’t remember a time when Kennedy was not a senator and it will be interesting to see how they move ahead if Kennedy does not return to his post. No one wishes anything like this kind of illness on anyone else in spite of political affiliation and I hope Kennedy makes a full recovery.  

I don’t see any of the lifers in the Democratic party turning in their congressional seats so “new blood” like Obama can rise to the top! While they all dismiss Hillary Clinton in favor of the newness and youth that Barack Obama brings to the political landscape they don’t see themselves as part of the problem! So while they tout the freshness that Obama brings, none of these multi-term fat cats on either side of the aisle are stepping aside so younger leaders can hop aboard. They are all hypocrites.

Barack Obama and John McCain traded jabs on Capitol Hill last week and McCain sure put Obama on the defense as he criticized Obama’s lack of experience on foreign policy. The preacher controversy also continues as Rod Parsley, a conservative preacher from Ohio, endorsed McCain after he made comments about Islam that many Americans happen to agree with. He claimed Islam is a violent religion that sanctions the killing of innocent people to achieve world domination. Well, that’s what it looks like to many people. What many of us see of Islam are such deplorable acts like heinous bombings, suicide attacks, beheadings of prisoners, kidnappings, and other violent acts and no amount of negotiations will alter their mission. Islam is anti-Christ, as Parsley said, and that is no secret! So Parsley was excoriated for his remarks and McCain was asked to rebuke his endorsement, and he did. Talk about politically correct nonsense. Now the comments that radical pastor John Hagee made about Hitler doing God’s work by allowing millions of Jews to die at Hitler’s hand was hardly the same kind of remark that Parsley made. Hagee is a nut, but McCain’s limping away from Parsley shows a weak constitution on his part by bowing to PC bullying that cowers before the Muslims of the world whose actions have been anything but peaceful.

Obama’s camp has no comparison to make about these two preachers and his own relationship with the embattled Jeremiah Wright, in whose church Obama sat for decades as Wright preached hatred of this country and it’s traditions. He still has not, to my satisfaction, explained how he and his wife could sit there for so many years and then try to convince us that they didn’t know what a racist he is. I just don’t buy it. And Michelle Obama scares me more than her husband does. I think below the surface of Mrs. Obama bubbles a seething woman who is a racial activist, and we sure don’t need that in the White House.

Random ramblings…The Cook family has added another precious baby to it’s brood. We brought Casper home last Sunday after driving to Culleoka to get him. He is a white 6 year-old miniature donkey, 33 inches tall, who is just a big lap dog! He loves to be hugged and fooled with and is just a living doll. My neighbors can probably attest to the fact that his bray sounds like a semi’s air horn though! Whenever he sees my car pull in or out of the driveway he sounds his horn for me! Casper is a welcome addition to our household and he seems to be a momma’s boy. I have always wanted a mini donkey and I want to thank my buddy Rayann Hickey for finding him for me!

See ya next week!

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