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Democrats Go At It!

Paying her Bills… Looks as if Hillary Clinton has made yet another comeback on the campaign trail, and Barack Obama is finding out how it feels to play catch up.

Has anyone except me and my sister Peggi thought of the connection that, whenever Bill Clinton raises his presence in his wife’s campaign, he screws up and she loses momentum, and that is just possibly Bill’s intention? Let’s face it, there is a real chance that Hillary might just win this election and an even greater chance that she would probably not embarrass us nearly as much as her husband had done while in the White House (at least not in the adultery department) and that Bill does not want his wife to have a greater legacy than the mixed one that he has tried so hard to rehabilitate? Just asking… With that said, let’s get right to it!   

Speaking of this election, the Democrats have really gotten themselves in a pickle. By punishing the states of Florida and Michigan for moving up their primaries, and not seating each one’s numerous and critical delegates, they have by all accounts thrown Hillary Clinton for a loop. I don’t think that anyone could have foreseen that neither Hillary or Barack would still not have the nomination by March. I believe that the Democratic leadership fully expected one candidate or the other would have sewn up the nomination by now and that Florida and Michigan’s delegates would probably not be needed in a final tally. The joke’s on Chairman Howard Dean and the others who now have to make the precarious choice of holding new primaries in these two states, allowing the delegates and the votes that have already been pledged in these states to stand, or omitting their contributions altogether. This ought to be interesting.

What really ticked me off was the way that the Democrats whined about the “morality” of Rush Limbaugh’s strategy to have Republicans go to the polls in Texas and Ohio and vote for Hillary in order to keep her in the race. It worked by the way. The idea was to let the two Democratic candidates “bloody” each other up so that McCain could stay out of that mess. That’s what is happening. Seems like the white gloves are off and the boxing gloves are on. One caller from Ohio called in to say that he knew of 30,000 Republicans that voted for Hillary in one county in Ohio alone! Didn’t Democrats do the same thing to Republicans? Didn’t they encourage their people to vote for John McCain in the open primary states in order to help him win because they felt that McCain was the easiest Republican to beat in November? I don’t like these kinds of rules that can be abused any better than most but they are what they are until they get changed and you can’t change them in the middle of the campaign to suit individual party needs or wants. What’s good for the donkey is good for the elephant. I don’t want any of these three candidates to be our next president but for those of us who have been shut out of this election for the next four years, at least we will have a ringside seat for the fireworks. It’s a small consolation prize for the disaster that lies ahead for all of us, such as higher taxes for both individuals and corporations that will stunt job growth, greater restrictions on industry that will turn into higher costs for all of us, appeasement to terrorists, universal health care that will turn us into Canada and Europe eventually, and more activist judges that will further erode our country’s values and traditions.

Another example of liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s idiocy: She is negotiating to give millions of US jobs to foreigners. According to Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, a group that monitors the illegal immigration crisis in our country, “Pelosi's backroom deals appear to be motivated by fear that a group of freshmen Democrats may get most Republicans to help them force a vote on the enforcement-only SAVE Act (Secure America with Verification Enforcement).  That bill -- with 145 bi-partisan signers in the House and Senate -- primarily would drive millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs. But Pelosi is trying to ensure that if the enforcement-only bill comes to a vote it will include huge increases in H-2B and H-1B visas for foreign workers of all kinds, and that it will include millions of legal work permits for all the illegal aliens currently holding a job. Nobody in Congress has a worse grade (F-minus) than Nancy Pelosi when it comes to protecting American jobs, American wages and American working conditions from the downward pressures of massive immigration.” And this, my friends, is just the start with this Democrat-controlled Congress.

Random ramblings…Thought for the day: Men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it's up to the women to stomp the %#@* out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with… I love MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson. He sure let that Scottish journalist Gerri Peev have it during his interview after she spilled the beans on the “Hillary is a monster” comment that was made by Samantha Power, Obama’s foreign policy adviser! He questioned her ethics, and ethics is something that is becoming a rare commodity in many of today’s reporters….Isn’t there a leash law in Macon County? Yesterday I saw eight dogs lying around the shoulder of the road on Hwy. 52 East, by the A&K Trailer Park…the owners are not only endangering the lives of these dogs, they are putting all drivers at risk when we have to slam on our brakes when one of them tries to run across the road! Enough already with the loose dog crisis in our communities!


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