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Democrats Taking Control Of Congress

Has anyone else except me noticed that perhaps the reason that the economy has tanked in the last year and a half coincides with the time the Democrats took control of Congress? The looming threat of the elimination of the Bush tax cuts has caused many small businesses, the lifeblood of the economy of this country, to pull back on growth opportunities which translates to less jobs, less company expansion, and less benefits for employees. That, in combination with the obvious tax increases that inevitably come when a Democrat is in the White House, has caused much of the economic uncertainty that has plagued our country since the Democrats took control. With that said let’s get…right to it!

 Big Brown’s overwhelming victory in Saturdays’ Kentucky Derby came with an equally profound heartbreak, the tragic life ending injury of the gallant filly, Eight Belles, right after she blazed to an awesome second place finish. Track veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage was obviously distraught as he tried to explain to TV viewers why another injury occurred, such as the one that claimed the heroic Barbaro in the 2005 Preakness Stakes, not to mention that Barbaro’s trainer, Michael Matz, had another young horse come up injured in Friday’s Alysheba Stakes at Churchill Downs. Perhaps prophetically Chelokee, Matz’s horse, was last year’s winner of the inaugural running of the Barbaro Stakes. "The difficult thing to explain with her is it's so far after the wire, and she was easing down like you'd like to see a horse slow down by that point," he said. "I don't have an explanation for it." Well I do. These horses are asked to do too much too soon. They start racing as two year olds and their fragile bones have not matured enough for the demanding training that they are required to endure. Maybe one day we will see the running of two year olds as a thing of the past. How many precious youngsters will we have to see break down before common sense eclipses the almighty dollar? For now, I pray that Big Brown has a victorious trip in the Preakness Stakes two weeks from now and that all entries will have a safe trip across the finish line.

  Hillary Clinton has called for 2.3 billion dollars in earmarks for 2009, by far the largest amount requested by any other lawmaker in Congress. And this is “change” for America??? Hardly! This is just another example of the kind of “leadership” liberals are showing since they have become the majority in Congress. It ought to be fun watching her explain this huge pork request!

  Hillary went toe to toe with Bill O’Reilly last week, the first time ever that she has consented to be on The Factor. It was great! I have to admit, she was impressive. She is nothing if not a seasoned politician that knows how to land on her feet. I could really like her, as a person, not a political candidate, if she didn’t have Bill tagging along and being a constant reminder of what a scumbag he is. While she has the cloud of the scandal-laden Clinton White House years hanging over her head, and that will always be a part of her own personal history, I believe much of that ugly legacy has Bill’s nasty, bony, crooked, cigar stained fingerprints all over it, much more than it does hers. I admit I could be wrong about that, time will tell.  But hey, the best revenge Hillary could shower upon Bill would be that if she did win the presidential election her first order of business would be to dump his sorry backside! Women the country over would cheer for her! I know I would!

 Democrats are the major reason we have such record high gas prices. Face it. They can deny it all they possibly can, but it’s a fact. It’s a simple study of how the growing environmentalist lobby has hamstrung the oil industry in the United States. Because they refuse to allow oil exploration within in our own country, because they continue to demand greater restrictions on the oil that is produced, and because they will not approve new refineries, we will continue to be beholden to foreign governments that are also sympathetic to terrorists and who control the supply of oil that is put on the world market.  Prices come down when you either have less demand or more supply, and we certainly are not going to see demand diminish, we have to increase supply.

 Obama’s pastor has created a huge deficit for the candidate. Obama has a huge mountain to climb after Wright’s devastating display of egomaniacal ravings recently. He claims that the United States lied about Pearl Harbor and created AIDS to obliterate blacks from the nation. He also claims that the U.S. has lied about everything from Cambodia to Baghdad. Wright has also likened our U.S. Marines to the Romans who persecuted Jesus. Wright can’t have it both ways. He says that Louis Farrakhan’s statements of 20 years ago should not be taken into consideration today yet he wants to punish all white people today for the sins of our ancestors during periods of slavery and after. Explain that hypocrisy to me, please! He continues to blast today’s Americans for things we can’t possibly be charged with perpetrating. Speaking of Jeremiah Wright, the New York Post reported Sunday that the embattled big mouth Wright actually ended up marrying the wife of a parishioner after he was entrusted to counsel the couple on their own marriage! Imagine the shock of parishioner Delmer Reed when he discovered his wife Ramah was seeing the pastor after their marriage broke up. Just what kind of counseling did Wright offer Ramah Reed anyway? Wright married Ramah later on. Nice guy.

  Amazing. More than 95% of all mortgages in this country are paid on time yet the hysterical liberals are making it sound as if the entire mortgage and housing industry is on the verge of collapse. The news is always going to play on the most damaging of statistics in the housing market while they never counterbalance with the corresponding data that shows the upside of the market.

 Random ramblings… Illegal immigration has all but been ignored by all the candidates. Why?... If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?... Governor Phil Bredesen is talking about laying off state workers as he continues to build his 20 million dollar bunker… sheesh… No one wants to admit that Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos has worked. Thousands of Republicans have crossed over to vote for Hillary in the primaries, thereby ensuring that she stays in the race and the fracas continues! Never underestimate the power of Rush!

 See ya next week!

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Monday, 24 February 2020