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Fairy Tale Endings

In life, there is rarely a fairy tale ending to every story, rarely a brave knight galloping to our rescue or a magic can of pixie dust to grant us three wishes.

And when things don’t appear to be heading in the “happily ever after” direction, our knight gets lost or the fairy dust has lost its magic, it becomes up to us to create the ending we want for ourselves, to scribble through the parts of the story that we want to change and bravely make the revisions we desire.

Just like life, the best stories, the most compelling pages of a famous novel, were once marked with red ink, unedited and raw, full of grammar mistakes, flawed punctuation and spelling errors.

But edited, revised and bound together by a leather cover, it becomes a work of art, the memory of those mistakes and errors long forgotten by the author; never seen by the reader.

As the writer of our own stories, we are given that ability as well, the ability to correct our mistakes, to publish an edited version that we are proud of.

And finally, after several drafts, we find that we have created our own masterpiece, the stories of our lives a series of imperfections; some ending happily ever after and others simply ending.

And while we may sometimes wish for an industrial sized can of pixie dust, a never-ending supply of knights on white horses or a pinch of magic every now and then, we come to realize that, in the end, we have the ability to create our own.

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