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Liberal or Conservative?

A recent national poll asked Americans whether they considered themselves liberal or conservative, and points in between.

Here are the results: 6% said they were liberal, 12% claimed to be somewhat liberal, 41% described themselves as moderate, 17% as conservative, and 17% as very conservative. We do know that many liberals see themselves as centrist, or moderate, such as Hillary Clinton, even when their voting records reflect that they are far more liberal. So it makes sense to assume that some voters do the same. These actual numbers show that if you add the first two numbers, you get 18% that would most likely be more liberal than moderate. You add the last two, get 34%, and you find that conservatives outnumber liberals. I hope that the 2008 election will show that liberals cannot win the White House today.  It will depend on whether those that call themselves moderate are more to the right and not to the left.  With that said, let’s get …right to it.

Why won’t Hillary Clinton release her tax returns? Former Clinton adviser and current critic Dick Morris said, “Most likely, the return will show how much Bill has been making from his partnership with the Sheik of Dubai and his other business ventures. Should the spouse of a presidential candidate be in business with a foreign leader who needs favors from the U.S. government? Definitely not. That’s why we’ll never see those returns. And then there are the Clinton Library records that document her schedule as first lady. She doesn’t want them released either because they will definitively show that she was never the co-president. The Library has been stalling on the release of those documents for years. During the debate, she said that she wanted them released as quickly as possible and seemed to blame the Bush administration for the delay. But today, the White House indicated that she had made no requests for any expedited release.” Hmmm…

And what is the story with Obama’s relationship with his now infamous Pastor, Jeremiah Wright? By now we have all heard the insane, racist diatribes that that man spews from the podium and it should make every American, regardless of color, disgusted and sickened at such hate speech. Now we know why Michelle Obama feels the way she does about her country and her lack of pride in it until her husband achieved his current status. This pastor has been described by the Obamas as their mentor and spiritual adviser. How can Barack Obama claim that he wasn’t aware that his pastor held such views and spoke such damaging rhetoric? Does he want us to believe that, in the 20 years that he attended Wright’s weekly services, this man did not speak such hatred whenever Obama was in attendance? I find this suggestion to require the “willing suspension of disbelief”, if I may borrow a favorite line of Mrs. Clinton’s. I was appalled that most talk show hosts did not think that this scandal was going to hurt Obama! I think it will be a hard thing for him to explain as the campaign moves forward. This kind of hateful and race baiting speech will have a very negative impact on Obama’s credibility. White Americans are, for the time being, still the majority in this country and Wright’s divisive and rabid tone could alert them to the possibility of even greater racial tensions brewing below the surface. Look for the issue of reparations for blacks to reemerge as a focus of some black leaders if Obama’s pastor is held up as any kind of example of how many black Americans feel.

The senseless death of North Carolina University student council president Eve Carson at the hands of a no good, petty thug was a travesty of unbelievable magnitude as it snuffed out the life of one of our country’s finest young future leaders and it devastated all who knew her. When I found out the suspect had been arrested something like five times in the month or so leading up to her murder, and that some judge let this person back out on the street to do his damage incensed me. How do these judges sleep at night knowing that, because of their ineptitude, we as a society have been robbed of a bright and shining light that surely would have shown even brighter had she been allowed to live. Her family’s grief has to be beyond imaginable.

John McCain’s interview with Sean Hannity was very insightful, but McCain is going to have to earn my trust as we move ahead. I still think he was the wrong candidate for Republicans but if Hillary and Obama keep imploding with negative news, he just may waltz right into the White House!

The Governor Eliot Spitzer scandal is another example of why women need to gain in numbers in higher politics. These recurring sex scandals just wouldn’t be so prevalent if women, (not Hillary!) were elected to these offices in greater numbers. Most women just do not allow their hormones to rule their heads, especially those in the political spotlight! The wives of these fallen men should stop standing next to these philanderers and kick them out onto the stage to resign in public all by their sorry selves!

Random ramblings… I was hoping that this spring, the trend of cropped pants for women would have been over, but sure enough, there they are in all the stores again! I despise those pants and believe the designers only keep shoving them down our throats because it’s easier for them not to have to make multiple lengths of different styles of slacks for women! Enough of the flood pants!...And…enough with the low rise jeans! Adult women don’t need them and don’t look good in them! They are great for kids but, come on, most adult women don’t need the “muffin top” that these jeans expose!...See ya next week!

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Monday, 22 July 2019