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Life's Little Surprises

Life has a way of sometimes throwing us for a loop, putting a few potholes in our path and surprising us without the added bonus of confetti and balloons.

But the moments we are able to scrounge up the courage to embrace those surprises, the courage to make the best out of an otherwise trying situation- those are the moments we truly begin to discover who we are, what we can handle and the things we need to get through them.

Surprises, good or bad, happen to us everyday and when it’s all said and done, it’s how we deal with, or react to, those surprises, that define us.

We learn our strengths and our weaknesses in those moments of surprise and uncertainty, we learn what we believe and more importantly, how strongly we beleive in them.

We learn who will be by our sides to join in our sorrow or our excitement, and who is only willing to show up for the latter.

Sometimes a little scary, sometimes a little overwhelming, the shock eventually wears off and we find the hands of surprise pressed to our backs, pushing us into reality.

And from there, we are left to fend for ourselves - the good surprises leaving us on top of the highest mountain to bask in our astonishment and the not so good leaving us in a place with a lot less altitude.

But when we look back at those surprising moments in our lives, when we remember those loops or potholes, whether the confetti flew or our hearts sank, we somehow know that it was then, each time we were thrown one of ife’s little surprises, that we learned what we were made of, learned what we could overcome or accept.

And whether we’ve been blessed with a view from the top or find ourselves looking up and preparing for a climb, it’s those moments, when we unexpectedly . . .  surprise ourselves.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019