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McCain Giddy after Obama's Remarks

John McCain must be giddy with joy after this weekend’s leaking of Barack Obama’s elitist remarks in San Francisco about small town America’s “bitterness” as the reason we “cling to religion and guns” and Hillary Clinton’s subsequent portrayal of herself as “Annie Oakley”, according to the Obama camp! With that said, let’s get…right to it!

 The power of the media is becoming quite something to behold. Just look at how they have been able to make or break a candidate on a week-to-week basis. One week it’s John McCain and his female lobbyist connection, then Hillary Clinton is the pariah because of Bill’s big mouth, and then it’s Barack Obama’s flubs. What I do love is seeing how the groveling mainstream media, who all but crowned Hillary Clinton a year ago as the Democratic Party’s heir apparent for the 2008 presidential election, has bitten her in the backside over and over as they fawn over Obama as the “second coming” and how they have thrown Hillary, and her foot in the mouth husband Bill, over the cliff. “Under the bus” has become such a cliché that I will spare you the use of it once again. Both Clintons are now almost media pariahs and Barack is the new golden child… for now. The Left’s penchant for fickleness is legendary. Look how they pounced on John Kerry when he made noise about possibly running in “08.  Shot him down pretty quickly!

Cell phones cause brain cancer. That’s the new definitive opinion of the latest study that claims that enough data is now being accumulated to link the obsessive use of cell phones to this form of cancer. If that is true I can think of many people who are putting themselves at risk for this disease. Hey you people, you know who you are, how about the speakerphone option that all cell phones have? Use it!!!! According to Newsmax, a highly credited source that I trust for breaking news, Australian physician Dr. Vini Khurana says that there has been an increase in brain tumors in people who have used cell phones heavily for a long time on the same side of the head as their “preferred ear” for making calls. Newsmax says that Khurana “believes it has been difficult to prove a direct link between cell phone usage and brain tumors because a malignant brain tumor might take between ten and twenty years to develop, and the general public hasn’t been using cell phones. “In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate length of follow-up time to being to definitely observe the impact of this global technology on brain tumor incidence rates,” Khurana says. Ouch.

What can Brown do for you? Maybe hand you a winning ticket for the 2008 Kentucky Derby!  “Big Brown” is the aptly named, and possibly the most serious, contender for this year’s Run for the Roses and, from what I have seen of his recent performances, this colt looks as of he has what it takes! Check out this big boy’s Florida Derby run on the Internet! Big Brown made an astonishing run at Gulfstream Park (the famous racetrack that is, quite literally, almost in my old backyard in Florida) in the Florida Derby Saturday, March 29, giving me chills as he left the field behind almost from the first turn and he never looked back. This is Brown’s third victory in as many starts and he doesn’t just cross the finish line first, he triumphs… big! Veteran jockey Kent Desormeaux says that the strapping bay colt just might be the best horse he has ever ridden. From Desormeaux that is high praise indeed.

Random ramblings… Remember…. Start now to conserve water!!!... Oooohhh, I just finished “Clapton”, the autobiography of Eric Clapton… couldn’t put it down. After reading Pattie Boyd’s earlier tome chronicling her version of life as Clapton’s muse and before that George Harrison’s former wife, I knew I had to read Clapton’s story. What a fascinating tale of a young insecure kid, who never really knew his true family story until much later on in his life, he was raised to believe his grandmother was really his mother, and how he used the guitar as his most accomplished form of expression to cope with the feelings that he felt dominated his life…it was so sad to finish a book like this. You become so engrossed in the person and his path of triumph over addiction and inner demons that you hate for it to end! After finally finishing the book I had the pleasure of putting in the DVD that my sister gave me for Christmas, “Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007”, recorded live in Chicago last summer, and watched Clapton and my other musical hero from the 60s, Stevie Winwood, go at it with my favorite tunes from Winwood’s former band Traffic, one of my favorite all time groups together with Clapton’s band Cream, and it was spellbinding! I promised myself that I wouldn’t watch the DVD until I read the book and I’m glad I waited. It meant so much more to see this DVD after learning what made Clapton tick. After reading his story, he is an even bigger hero to me now that he ever was. Note to my old buddy Lana, you gotta see and hear Winwood sing “Dear Mr. Fantasy… forty years later!!!! What memories… Long Island… summer of 1968…wow.
 See ya next week!

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