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Media, Royalty & The Clintons

I used to be a devotee of Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel in the mornings but since the network has chosen to put that simpleton Gretchen Carlson on as co-host after E.D. Hill left for a later morning slot I have fallen in love with Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Although I believe that all the NBC networks are highly biased against conservatives I do love former congressman Joe Scarborough and his morning staff. They have the best guests in the political and journalistic fields, the best music, and they have lots of fun to boot. With Joe being a conservative, the show has a decidedly fairer slant than most of NBC’s shows. He’s just a cool guy! With that said, let’s get…right to it!

Britain’s Prince Harry has my deepest respect for his service to his country. Matt Drudge ought to be ashamed of himself for divulging the prince’s presence on the front lines in Afghanistan! It served no purpose but to endanger Harry and his mates. Some “journalists” will do anything for a scoop, I guess.

Thanks to Mike at TDOT for returning my call and then picking up the numerous dead dogs lying between Sumner and Macon County along Hwy. 52. They had been there for almost two weeks. It was heartbreaking to see them every day.

Bill bored… Just one reason that the Democratic Party has come out in such high acclaim for Barack Obama is the fact that they, and all of us, are simply sick and tired of the Clintons, especially Bill. His antics on his wife’s campaign trail, I am convinced, have greatly contributed to the sinking of her historic bid for the presidency. Gennifer Flowers’ latest offer to sell her racy tapes of Bill Clinton just reminds us of what we will have to be saddled with if the HillBilly Show is allowed to have a repeat performance. If Hillary had dumped him way back when, I am sure that she would have had far better luck on the campaign trail. As her campaign continues to circle the drain I can only say “thank God”, we may be finally rid of the oppressive and scandalous Clintons once and for all… but I’ve been wrong before. I counted McCain out of the mix back in the fall and now look where he is. I do have to admit to feeling a certain amount of smug satisfaction at the crisis in which Hillary finds herself mired. She and Bill were so sure that she would sweep the nomination process and now it appears that they were so smart that didn’t have a backup plan for losing 11 primaries in a row. Once again they wildly overspent, and wildly underestimated the appeal of their opponent, as well as their own lack of appeal with many of their own party. Amazing how all the pundits have turned on Hillary in favor of Barack Obama. Liberals are so fickle and I never thought I’d see the day, especially in this election year, where the mainstream media has begun to eat its own. Hillary must be beside herself and she and Bill can no longer blame the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for their troubles.

President Bush has taken his case for strengthening our security before the American people again with the renewal of the Protect America Act, and the Nancy Pelosi-led House of Representatives continues to stonewall its passage. Pelosi has been described as “devastated” by the success of the surge in Iraq. She and her cohorts such as Harry “the war is lost” Reid, Dick “our soldiers are like Nazis and Pol Pot” Durbin, and Chuckie “they (the soldiers) are not accomplishing a darn thing” Schumer are invested in the failure and defeat of our nation’s efforts in Iraq and all I can say is, how patriotic of them.

We have added an ninth equine to our brood! Twenty-something year-old Molly, either a miniature horse or mini-pony cross, joined our stable of 8 horses this past week and my father-in-law, her previous guardian, came to visit her on Thursday, telling her that she has moved from the Motel Six up to the Waldorf Astoria, as she now has a bigger, new stall and the company of our other pets. I took her for a walk on a lead rope over the hill to my mom’s house the other day and she had a nifty spring in her step, (Molly, not my mom! Poor Mom wishes she moved along as well as little Molly but with her back and feet problems that is just plain hard for her) as evidenced by the new bruise she inadvertently left on my right foot as she cavorted along side me. Molly’s new buoyancy tells me she is happy to have a new and more active place to call home. I took her over to the fence to get her acquainted with my four horses in the north pasture, Will, Star, Gunsmoke, and Herbie, and the geldings all acted like stud muffins while our mare Herbie just acted like, well, a mare! Molly actually was the feistiest of the whole bunch, stamping her miniature hooves and snorting her little muzzle at the lot of them. It will take a while for everyone to get used to a new little member of the Cook family of animals.

Random ramblings…Doesn’t text messaging remind you of passing notes in class?... Men…they sweep you off your feet and then try to hand you the broom… I know this a little late, but didn’t you just love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performance at halftime during the Super Bowl? …How refreshing not to have to worry about whether old Tom might decide to flash us his jockey shorts…maybe the days of things like Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” are gone for good…and seeing and hearing Tom was simply a superfine thing… See ya next week!

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