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Neither Candidate To Get My Vote

It is with a broken heart that I greet you this week as my beloved kitty Benny Hill was savagely mauled and killed by what I believe to be two roaming dogs in Red Boiling Springs that have apparently been causing great concern to others besides myself.

Right To It - Jacki Cook

It is with a broken heart that I greet you this week as my beloved kitty Benny Hill was savagely mauled and killed by what I believe to be two roaming dogs in Red Boiling Springs that have apparently been causing great concern to others besides myself.  

These two dogs have been running through town, going through trash cans, and from what others have told me, other cats have suddenly begun to either disappear or be found dead. This kind of thing must stop. It is because so many people allow their pets to run free and do so unsprayed or not neutered that we see this alarming thing happen time and again. The loss of Benny leaves a huge void and the thought of what terror he went through just makes me heartsick and angry. We must insist that leash laws be enforced and we must demand fines against unresponsive pet owners who allow their dogs to run loose and kill our innocent pets. Benny was on his own property, minding his own business when he was attacked. I now have to keep my other five kitties in the garage until this problem is resolved. How unfair to have to do this. Let’s all demand that our local law enforcement help all of us to rid our neighborhoods of these vicious pests and to insist that whenever possible they track those responsible for roaming dogs. A few of us alone can’t do it all.

A few months ago, after it became clear that Barack Obama would indeed be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, and that John McCain would be the GOP nominee, I resigned myself to having to hold my nose and vote for McCain. But then I took it a step further and thought, “heck no”. This is NOT my choice for my party and this is not a real conservative. Look at what McCain tried to pawn off as immigration reform. Look at the bills that carry his name. McCain/Feingold is one of the worst pieces of legislation that attempted to something about campaign finance reform and yet just look at what we still have with this bill. Hardly reform! There are other bills that carry McCain’s signature in the cloak of “reaching across the aisle” in bipartisanship and they aren’t much better.

What I heard on Sean Hannity’s radio show the other day made me stop and reexamine an earlier gut feeling I had after the nominees became evident. Joseph Farah, founder of World Net Daily has a new book, “None of the Above”. It echoes my sentiment that since McCain was far from my choice and Obama surely would not get my vote, I thought that just maybe the Republican Party would have to lick its own self-induced wounds, forego this election, throw it to Obama and his liberal worshippers, and set our sights on 2012 with, I hope, our own version of Barack Obama. Say, a Bobby Jindal? With a Democratic majority now running the lowest approval rated Congress ever, just who will the libs blame when their Messiah takes over the Oval Office and the country is run solely by the Democrats?

While it pains me to think about four years of the nanny state growing without check, four years go by pretty fast. Does it really seem that long ago that John Kerry and George Bush battled it out?

We Republicans can hope that we might retain and even win some Congressional seats this November even if Obamamania sweeps the nation. And I implore you to pick up Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new book, “The Obama Nation”, and David Freddoso’s new book, “The Case Against Barack Obama”. Wait until you find out just how Obama got to where he is today and why. The research on both of these books is impeccable and they both come to the same conclusion. I’ll let you come to yours.

Random ramblings:

Obama watch: Did you know that early on, Obama said that he championed education reform but voted with the Chicago Teacher’s Union to continue with the shortest school days in the country and some of the highest paid teachers in the country and yet the graduation rate in Illinois has been as low as 54%? Reformer? Sure! Did you know that after the Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007, and when a subsequent bill was introduced to redirect the funds for bike paths to bridge safety legislation Obama voted for the bike paths instead? Obama also voted FOR the infamous “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, even after Hurricane Katrina, and the state of Louisiana needed funds redirected from earmarks to reconstruct the Twin Spans in New Orleans. That’s a liberal. That’s Obama.

See ya next week.


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Monday, 24 February 2020