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Obama's Commencement Speach

Barack Obama was invited to speak at the commencement exercises at Wesleyan University in Connecticut this year and not only did he pronounce the name of the school wrong- Wellsleyan is the name I believed he used- and part of his “inspirational” message was to tell the graduates to forego the “money culture” of the world and focus on service to the country “for the better good of all”. (Socialist code speak).

Yet not once did he suggest service in the military as an option! This just tells you the mindset of liberals like Obama. That should have been the first suggestion to the students, to consider service in the armed forces as a very viable and worthy choice. Just wait, Obama’s coded speeches are sounding more and more communistic in their messages. The guy is a socialist, folks, and no matter how he parses his words and tries to pretend that he is suddenly a moderate, he is what he is. With that said, let’s get…right to it!  

 What is patriotism? With the recent observation of our nation’s birthday on July 4th, this has become the question that seems to be dogging the presidential candidates’ campaigns lately and Barack Obama’s in particular. Liberals can come up with more definitions for patriotism on any given day while conservatives seem to be pretty much consistent in their definitions. For me, well, it’s quite simple. Patriotism is the love, support, and defense of your country, regardless of the current leadership. Now, does that mean one cannot question and disagree with the policies made under any given administration? Of course not! But a true patriot loves, supports, and defends his and her country while admitting that we are, of course, not perfect. Patriots do NOT travel the globe denouncing their country and comparing it to terrorist and despotic regimes.    Patriots honor, remember, and appreciate the supreme sacrifices made by our great military, past and present, in order to preserve our hard won freedoms, and they do not criticize them and compare them to such despicable creatures as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, or Mao Tse Tung. “Americans” such as Jimmy Carter, the Dixie Chicks, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Professor Wade Churchill, and Senators Dick Durbin, Chris Todd, John Kerry, and other lawmakers who have vilified their nation at home and abroad are NOT patriots, and I believe that with all my heart. In fact, a nation such as ours is the exact opposite of those that are our enemies. Those countries’ murderous leaders would have imprisoned, tortured, and killed those of its own that dared to denounce their own homelands, as the above-mentioned people in our country have done. On this July 4th weekend that has just passed I would hope that these ungrateful people, as well as those around the world who have benefited from our country’s sacrifices, might get down on their knees and thank God they were fortunate enough to be born in this great land or have had this great land come to their aid, as we have done time and time and again.

  Why is the media so quiet about the attributes of Cindy McCain yet they can’t seem to find enough space to write about Michelle Obama? Have you seen the latest magazine cover story about Michelle, “Why Barack loves her”? Where’s the story, “Why John loves Cindy”? Cindy McCain graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs teacher. After her Dad died she became involved with his beer distribution firm and is now the chairwoman. Sales have doubled since she has taken over from her father. The McCain’s have a prenuptial agreement in their marriage, and her considerable assets remain separate. She is also involved around the world clearing land mines and travels to these countries on a detonation team and serves on their board. She's quietly active with 'Halo Trust', which clears land mines, and provides water and food in war ravaged and developing countries. She has joined an overseas mission of 'Operation Smile', a charity for corrective surgery on children's faces. The McCains have a 19-year old son serving in Iraq, another son in the Naval Academy, a daughter recently graduated from Columbia University, an adopted daughter in high school, and a son who is in the finance department at the beer firm. They raised their kids in Phoenix, Arizona rather than in Washington D.C. because she believed the Arizona atmosphere was healthier for them than that in Washington. Her husband had to commute to D.C. In 1991, Mrs. McCain came across a girl in an orphanage in Bangladesh. Mother Teresa implored Mrs. McCain to take the baby who had a severe cleft palate. She did so without first telling her husband. The couple adopted the girl who has had a dozen operations to repair her cleft palate and other medical problems. They have a Family Foundation for children's causes. Cindy McCain suffered a minor stroke in 2004 and has since fully recovered. She has had two back surgeries and became addicted to pain medications but has since recovered and she talks openly about it, which she says is part of the recovery process. It’s amazing to me that the mainstream press has all but ignored Cindy McCain’s many accomplishments and triumphs but has focused almost completely on Michelle Obama, who believes America “is a downright mean country”, yet has profited handsomely from the abundant opportunities given to her from this great country and yet she seems to have a huge grudge against most white people in general. It has been said that she found the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for her family and I don’t doubt it.

 Random ramblings: Typical NIMBY attitude (Not In My Back Yard): … Louisiana is producing all the oil that California is using and yet California won’t allow oil exploration and drilling of its coast? … how about “no more oil for you, California!” ..

 See ya next week!

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