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"Hey Mr. Oil Man" video shoot

 We had the pleasure of joining Ronnie McDowell and his terrific band for the video shoot of his latest hit, “Hey, Mr. Oilman”, at the world famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville a week ago Monday night and what a time we had!

This catchy tune was written by Ronnie and his band mate Lee Bogan, who also has had quite a singing and writing career, and comically draws attention to the rising price of gas at the pump. If you haven’t yet heard this song call your local radio station and request it. It’s a hoot! While at Tootsie’s we also got to hear another great talent and a former Miss Albuquerque, Melanie Torres. She did a rousing rendition of “Proud Mary”, the Tina Turner classic, and brought the house down. Another treat was getting to meet former American Idol finalist, Diana DeGarmo, after she did a Patsy Cline duet with Ronnie. She couldn’t have sounded more like Patsy if she had been Patsy! And she was as lovely a person as she was a singer. With that said, let’s get …right to it!

 The media blitz surrounding Barack Obama’s overseas tour just highlights again the ridiculously unfair coverage Obama has received compared with the lackluster coverage afforded to John McCain. Obama’s entourage includes major network anchors like Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, and Katie Couric. Normally, sitting presidents don’t even get network anchors to accompany them. This is idol worship at its most blatant and I for one think Obama might be heading for a fall. His lack of world experience, and his short and unremarkable length of time in public office, is bound to become apparent, if not immediately then by election time. I’ll wait and see, but start to look for cracks in his very glossy veneer.

 The recent makeover of Michelle Obama proves that she has been advised to tone down the radical rhetoric of a few months ago and soften her image. Remember folks, this woman who disparaged her country and aligned herself and her husband with Jeremiah Wright is the REAL Michelle Obama, and we got to see it first hand before her savvy advisers got hold of her. But these two are who they are, and the last two decades shows us the way they lived their lives and with whom they associated. I would like to say to all voters to please vote for a candidate who most closely reflects your values, not your skin color.

 We all need to be reminded that as we rush to try to convince our lawmakers to forego fossil fuels as we explore alternative sources of energy that oil is not just about gas for our vehicles. Petroleum is the origin of plastic and other vital materials that make up the long list of necessities that we have come to depend on in our daily lives. Oil is not just about gas, it’s in everything we have and do. We need oil, but we also need alternate fuels for vehicles. We have more than enough oil, right here, around and under our flabby backsides, providing Congress allows us to use it. And while we forge ahead let us all take this opportunity to drive less as we combine our errands, and walk and cycle more if at all feasible. I know many of us live in rural areas but many of us can walk to the post office, local market, friends’ homes, and other places, while we also whittle those waistlines!

 Why didn’t Congress react to the outing of former CIA operative Deuce Martinez like they did when Valerie Plame’s name became a household word? Martinez was the interrogator of terror kingpin Khalid Sheik Mohammed at Guantanamo Bay, and the New York Times permitted columnist Scott Shane to use Martinez’ name in an article recently! Will Martinez and his family have to enter into the witness protection program to avoid retribution by Al Qaeda for the rest of his life? Have you even heard about this? I bet not. And I bet Martinez and his wife won’t be seen on the cover of Vanity Fair either, as was Plame and her husband, the arrogant traitor and former ambassador Joe Wilson.

 Did you know that the people of the United States donated more than 34.8 BILLION dollars to worldwide charities last year, from private donations? You see, when you don’t tell good people where and how much to spend their charitable contributions they do just fine on their own. I would rather send my money to the causes that I want to support and not have my tax dollars go to finance bridges to nowhere and obscure studies of mating habits of some insect. Wouldn’t you? I enthusiastically support many causes from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to various animal and humane rescues including Humane Associations and places like North Shore Animal League that has a no-kill policy shelter. I want to choose where and how much I donate. Liberals want to tell you where and how much you are “required” to give and it’s never going to be as lucrative as when people in the private sector are allowed to choose for themselves.

 Please tell all dog lovers and owners you know that sugar free gum can be lethal to their pets. The ingredient in many sugar free gums is xylitol, and it has been shown to be toxic even in small amounts to dogs. This warning just may save the life of another beloved pet.

 Random ramblings… Has your Verizon phone been dropping calls right and left like ours have been? Verizon better get it together, and  soon….remember, we do have choices!... 115 million bucks for the opening of “Batman: The Dark Knight” shows me that the economy might not just be in such bad shape. Spend that money!

 See ya next week!

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Monday, 24 February 2020