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Remembering to Breathe

Everyday we find ourselves competing in a race to get things done; we rise to the shrill sound of an alarm clock, speed to work, where we chug coffee before tackling task upon task, then speed back home to a list of household chores, a pile of laundry and the taunting reminder of yard work.

And while most of us pride ourselves in the length of the checklist we’ve completed at the end of the day, we seldom remember to breathe, to inhale all of the small, yet significant, moments that are not written on our to-do lists.

We rush; we pass on conversations and replace them with a 3-second wave, we hurry; everything to the right and left us a colorful blur, we accelerate; mumbling words of frustration when we’re forced to hit the brakes. And in an effort to hurriedly plow through the day’s itinerary, we sometimes forget to appreciate a long conversation, the world around us and the opportunity to slow down a bit.

As we multi-task, abbreviate and condense our way through the day, we seldom have a chance to stop, relax and think about those things that drive our ambitions, the relationships and quiet moments of reflection that somehow keep us grounded and centered.

We squeeze-in the occasional e-mails, dinners or the few-and-far-between vacation, we pencil-in our family and our friends and we find time to return phone calls.

We drive fast in our cars, we eat fast food and we fast-forward through most of our day.

But in-between the rush and the chaos, the stress of accomplishing more, we find out, at the end of the day, what really matters to each of us.

And it’s then, as we watch our children sleep or feel the warmth of the body beside us as we drift off to dream, that the momentum slows, the pace deliberates and all is right with the world once again; the shrill sound of the alarm clock silenced until morning.

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Friday, 19 July 2019