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Short on Substance

 I am a little short on substance for my column this week so please forgive me. I’m not being lazy, just exhausted. (However if my words usually raise your blood pressure then you might be pleased!)

I have basically taken up residence at the Sumner County Regional Medical Center in Gallatin, as my mom has been in the Critical Care Unit there for the last two weeks. My sister Peggi has also  flown in from New Jersey to be with Mom and having her here has been a blessing for the last few days. I ask that my friends pray for Mom to get well enough to return to a quality of life that she can enjoy. Mom has lived a uniquely colorful and fascinating life and seeing her so ill has been the hardest thing my sister and I have ever had to endure. But we are strong, we get that from Mom, and our prayers have been answered so far. Yours will help, I’m sure. Let me take this opportunity to say that the level of care and compassion that Mom has received at Sumner Regional has been astounding. From the nurses to the doctors to the hospital administration staff we have been treated better than anyone could ever expect. Mom has received world-class care yet with the personal attention that only a regional hospital can give. SRMC has picked the cream of the crop in their nursing staff and we are so grateful to know that Mom has been cared for so well. Knowing what she is going through, I wouldn’t have her anywhere else. With that said, let’s get…right to it! If you saw the Fox News Network’s Sunday night special called “Porked: Profiting from Earmarks” you can understand why Congress’ all time low rating is well earned. And former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is one of the most egregious offenders, giving Republicans a blacker eye than they already have in this critical election year. Makes me flat out sick. How lawmakers can legislate anything for their own personal profit is beyond the pale, and it’s a mystery to me why the honest ones among them have yet to be able to do anything about these offenders. I am asking, I’m begging those lawmakers who know what is going on and have not exposed these vial creatures to do the right thing and make us proud of you.  My disappointment over Big Brown’s loss in the Belmont Stakes last Saturday is palpable. His trainer, Rick Dutrow, was the least likable horseman that I have ever seen, and he surely did not deserve to win the Triple Crown, but Big Brown sure did. When Dutrow claimed that Big Brown’s victory was a “foregone conclusion” I just knew he jinxed the phenomenal bay colt’s chances in the big race. How can anyone be so arrogant and expect to win? Too bad such a fine horse was saddled with such a jackass for a trainer! I am beginning to think we may never see another Triple Crown winner, at least in my lifetime. I was afraid to say this before but I have been thinking this for quite some time: we may have to let the country suffer for the next 4 years under Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama so that the GOP will come back stronger than ever. A radio talk show host said the very same thing last Sunday night but I don’t remember who it was. As bad as things appear now I can only cringe when I think of such radical liberalism in the majority in Congress along with the most liberal senator in the country joined together at the hip. They have held Congress for the last 18 months and the country is in worse shape now than the times when Republicans were in the majority. To be honest though, a pox on both their houses! After Fox’s special the other night I am just disgusted with all of them! Random ramblings… I am so grateful for my family and friends! I have been so blessed with such caring and loving people in my life and sometimes it takes great hardship to realize just how lucky we are to have those in our lives who give us strength by just being there. You know who you are and you are all loved dearly.

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Thursday, 25 April 2019