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The Moments We All Smiled For . .

Every once in awhile, when a wave of nostalgia rolls over me, I find myself digging out that old box, that tattered photo box with a missing lid on the top shelf of my closet, nearly collapsing from years of shuffle and wear.

Storing all of the Kodak moments of my life, holding every face of those that shared in my most precious memories and capturing the years before my existence, that worn out box serves as a timeline, an illustration of my family tree and, in a way, a time machine that takes me back to those periods of my life that I will never get back.

We all have those photos that somehow warm us from the inside, those snapshots that illuminate our faces when we remember how we felt when the camera flashed, those pictures that define who we were at that exact moment in time.

And as we hold those moments in our hands, think about the past and the people behind the glossy finish, we can’t help but find ourselves in the center of a swirling cyclone of memories that were once buried and forgotten.

Most of us, when asked about that one precious item, that single prize possession that we would save from the flames of a house fire if we only had a few short seconds to spare, think about our photo albums or those framed moments on our mantles that no insurance or swipe of a credit card could replace.

And while they would be meaningless to a stranger, worthless at a pawnshop and of no value to a history museum, they are priceless in our eyes; the pieces of a treasure that we have spent our whole lives collecting.

And when our thoughts get fuzzy, our recollections blurred, we know that we can always turn to that tattered old box of photographs, that stack of Kodak moments that will never fade or tarnish; taking us all back in time to those instances in life, those seconds captured by a camera flash, those things from our past that we all smiled for.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020