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I can’t thank my friends enough for the continual calls of support that I receive concerning my mom’s hospitalization and illness. I am constantly amazed by the love and concern shown by my adopted community in Macon County, as well as elsewhere around the community and the country.

Right To It - Jacki Cook

I can’t thank my friends enough for the continual calls of support that I receive concerning my mom’s hospitalization and illness. I am constantly amazed by the love and concern shown by my adopted community in Macon County, as well as elsewhere around the community and the country. Mom hadn’t had the time to meet too many of my friends here before she fell ill but the ones she has had the pleasure of knowing have been right there to offer kind words, and mostly prayer. Mom has had a particularly harrowing week as she was transferred last Wednesday from Select Specialty Hospital in Nashville to a facility in Knoxville that treats ventilator patients. When I got there on Friday, she appeared to be doing well but I got a call the next morning at my hotel telling me that she was ambulanced to St. Mary’s here in Knoxville, where we actually lost her. The terrific team here brought her back and she now seems to be doing okay…for now. While she continues to battle her disease and illness she is overjoyed at the level of compassion expressed to her by you, her new friends. I am too. Thank you, all of you. 

While forcing myself to occasionally watch ABC’s The View, I never cease to be amazed by the sheer bovine scatology that is floated around this show that masquerades as level opinion. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the one conservative voice going up against the four, shrill liberal voices that are comprised of Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and that insipid Sherry Shepard. They are excruciatingly obnoxious. Recently on this show Joy Behar compared Bill Clinton’s impeachment to the attempt by the liberal Congress of today to impeach George W. Bush. Hello? Bill Clinton looked straight into the eyes of the American people and lied about diddling Monica Lewinsky. He flat out lied! And yet these fools want to impeach Bush on the very same information that Hillary Clinton and the majority of Democrats voted upon concerning the Iraq war. They all had the same intelligence, flawed as it may have been. There has never been any proof- just the baseless allegations made by the lefties in this country -that George Bush lied about anything concerning information about weapons of mass destruction or other intelligence concerning Saddam. Behar’s comparing the out and out lies of Bill Clinton to the actions of Bush, that were made based on the best intelligence at the time, smacks of just more of the same problem that we have seen in the past few years that blames Bush for everything from the tides of the seas to the tremors of the earth. It’s called Bush Derangement Syndrome, and that term was coined by someone who is a heck of a lot smarter than I.  

Barack Obama’s supporters have whined incessantly about the inclusion of their man among the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in a recent TV ad, which rightfully claimed that Obama was indeed a worldwide celebrity…well, isn’t he? And…wasn’t it Obama whose bare-chested photo appeared last year in a magazine photo shoot?  Wasn’t it the Obamas who approved the People magazine cover story a few months ago called “Why Barack lovers her”, about why his wife Michelle is devoted to her husband? Wasn’t it the Obamas who appeared on Access Hollywood with their kids? Wasn’t it just this past week that People magazine again glorified them on their cover, “The Obamas at home”?? Give me a break…give us all a break…

So Congress has finally acted…they have a 9% approval rating among Americans and yet what do they do? Instead of acting on energy issues they draft a resolution apologizing to black America for…SLAVERY, something none of us or our immediate ancestors had anything to do with. Good job, Congress…. Just wait folks…guess what’s next? Reparations for blacks, that’s what’s next! And talk about racial strife in this country. Obama will support reparations. Wait and see...he has already backed this movement before, in spite of what hogwash he spills out now.

Speaking of reparations, some liberals have gone so far as to begin talking about a movement to seek monetary compensation for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, the very same Al Qaeda detainees picked up on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan who have killed Americans. I am not making this stuff up! Because so many of Obama’s fellow liberals believe that Al Qaeda detainees have been denied habeas corpus and that they are indeed entitled to the same constitutional protections afforded to American citizens and bona fide prisoners of war, they also want to apologize to them and pay them for their “treatment.” According to National Catholic Weekly, Obama’s supporters say, “Finally, in the years ahead our country must still come to grips with our national acquiescence to the politics of fear, which has led to the detention and abuse of hundreds of individuals. Among the necessary steps will be restoration of freedom to innocent detainees, accompanied by public apology and some monetary restitution for the years they lost to incarceration.” Heaven help this country, folks, if this guy gets elected.

 Random ramblings: Okay, where is director Oliver Stone’s Bill Clinton story??? Bill has been out office for over 8 years and nothing from the myopic director on him, but before Bush is even out of office he presents us with unproven trash that supposedly recounts George Bush’s past…whose story is infinitely more salacious than Bill Clinton’s?... Have you seen TV ads paid for by the Alliance for Climate Control??? Are they serious? Does anyone think human beings can actually control the climate?...  Obama is the one who keeps injecting race into the race by saying that he looks different! What do you think he means? The fact that he has big ears? No. It’s the fact that he’s black. It’s, well, it’s an Obamanation!

  See ya next week!

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