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Tim Russert's funeral services

If anyone was put out by all the coverage of Tim Russert’s death and his funeral services last week, I feel bad for you. This man epitomized what the role of morality and values can do within a family. Twenty-two year-old Luke, his only child, would have made his daddy proud. The way he handled the crowds and the media, while dealing with his own grief, no doubt was a tremendous source of support for his devastated mother, and served to show us all that when you raise a kid with a defined value system and then live your own life accordingly, your kids and your grandkids will most likely reflect those qualities as well. No one can possibly know God’s purpose for taking Tim Russert at such a young age bit if just one man can become a better father after witnessing Russert’s, and Russert’s father’s, influence on his own son then perhaps his death will not have been in vain. Likewise, if even one upcoming politician or newsperson can model him or her self in the mold of Tim Russert, with all his fairness and his abundant character, we as a nation could all be better for it.

I saw the most disturbing story on Fox News channel the other night and it made me just sick. The videotape showed a child of about eight years old actually slitting the throat of prisoner of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was used as a training tape for young Taliban children and the fact that it showed a child in such an egregious act should give all the bleeding hearts on the Supreme Court that just gave such miserable creatures full constitutional rights in our court system second thought. These enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo Bay are of the very same ilk as the ones teaching children to murder their prisoners. Fox was the only network that I know of that has exposed such a horrendous story. These enemy combatants are not even covered under the Geneva Convention’s rulings so why should they be given the rights of United States citizens? Wake up people and let your legislators know how you feel about this latest gaff from the Supreme Court and remember this liberal majority that sits on the Court when you vote in November. There will undoubtedly be at least one if not two or three openings on the Court within the next eight years, as Justice john Paul Stephens is already 88 years old and a few others are getting up in years as well. Imagine a court with six liberals out of nine. Rulings such as the latest would become the norm and we will lose our country as we have come to know and love it. Call me melodramatic if you will but the writing is on the wall for all to see.

 Have you see’s latest anti-John McCain ad? I’m talking about the ad that has “baby Alex” and his whiny mother proclaiming that John McCain can’t have her son to send to Iraq? Has anyone bothered to think that Alex, when he is of age, just might want to serve his country and that he might hope his family would support him? Speaking of Iraq, I just want to say “thank you” to a young man named Travis Pike, who is getting ready to ship off to Paris Island, South Carolina to begin his training in the United States Marines. His momma operates the vegetable stand in Sumner County in front of the Citizens Bank in Westmoreland on the corner of Hwy 52 and 31E.  She told me that her family is so proud of Travis and let me add that I am too. If you happen to see Travis’ mom tell her thank you for supporting her son’s decision and to thank Travis for his service to our country. We need more families like the Pike family who know how important our freedom is and how we need to protect it. She loves her son just as much as baby Alex’s mother loves hers, but Travis’ mom and dad lets their son make his own decision about serving his country and his family is behind him all the way.

 We have more oil in and around this country than most Middle East countries combined. Yet the liberals keep fighting the President’s request to drill in the U.S properties. Offshore drilling isn’t really right “off shore”, as it sounds. It’s really deep water drilling and would not threaten tourism or our ecosystems. It hasn’t hurt Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi’s tourism and there have been oilrigs in the Gulf of Mexico for decades. But what it would do, most importantly, is signal to the world that we are finally taking charge of our own energy future.

 Al Gore’s Belle Meade home now uses 10 percent more power than it did before they installed so-called green energy measures. What a laugh. Gore, in his endorsement of Barack Obama last week, talked about the fact that “elections count”. He used the likes of Katrina, the pet food and toy contaminations from China, and the Supreme Court as examples. But who messed up most after Katrina? The Democrats that ran Louisiana! Who sucked up to China more than Clinton and Gore and now he blames Republican policies? And, liberals in the highest courts are responsible for the many messes we find ourselves in today. Give us a break, Al! You fool no one.

 Random ramblings… Michelle Obama wore a black and white dress for her co-host spot on “The View”… how harmonious, but hardly subtle… Also, Cindy McCain co-hosted the same show two months ago and nary a mention of the great job she did by the press, who has fawned all over Michelle Obama’s gig. Surprised?

 See ya next week!

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